Welcome to Vivaldi's Feature Requests for Vivaldi on mobile devices

A few tips before posting:

  • Search to make sure the feature you have in mind hasn’t been requested already.
  • Upvote 👍 features you'd like to see implemented.
  • If a feature hasn’t been requested, start a new topic. Post only one feature request per topic.
  • Choose a clear and concise title for the topic, describe the feature in more detail in the body of the post and give the topic a relevant tag.
  • Duplicate and invalid requests will be closed and archived.
  • Discuss requested features under each post.
  • Check tags such as “Done”, “In Progress”, “Pipeline” and “Duplicate” for status of features.

Full instructions on searching and requesting new features can be found on this Help page.


  • Collection of implemented feature requests.

  • Place for duplicate, invalid and old feature requests.

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