Shortcuts to Change Tab Bar Position

  • Maybe a bit more of a niche feature but the ability to hotkey the tab bar so as to easily switch between having them on the top, left, bottom or right would be wonderful.
    This would allow users to keep the tab bar on the left for the ability to see each tab and its name in full detail and then switch them quickly to the top so they are less intrusive.

    I'm not sure if I should make separate topics for separate suggestions or not but in case I shouldn't I shall also say here that having the ability to more easily manage tabs (a right click > 'Add to [name] group') or even just a right click 'move tab to beginning/end' option.

    More tab features and options in general are always wonderful of course, I switched to Vivaldi for its tab features as I use so many (usually around 200, always between 100 and 500) and I do love it so far!

  • @aldrnari Each feature request should be in a new thread.

    Rename Tabs is already there.

    There are already shortcuts to move the active tab left/right, and a context menu on tabs to move a tab to another window.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.16.1259.3 (64-bit)

    This request for Extended Tab Management includes a number of requests in a single thread, which makes it impossible to know which feature or features are most wanted.

  • @pesala Ahh, then my apologies.
    I do not mean moving the active tab left or right I mean a hotkey to move the entire 'Tab bar position' as it is called in the settings.

    And by the name thing, however, I did not mean to rename tab groups. Say I have a 'Music' tab group, I want to be able to right click another tab not in the group and have a 'move to 'Music' group' option, as opposed to having to drag the tab into the group.

  • @aldrnari said in Tab Positioning Shortcuts:

    I do not mean moving the active tab left or right I mean a hotkey to move the entire 'Tab bar position' as it is called in the settings.

    My tip about the existing shortcuts for moving the active tabs was in response to:

    having the ability to more easily manage tabs (a right click > 'Add to [name] group') or even just a right click 'move tab to beginning/end' option.

    It was not related to this feature request topic for moving the Tab Bar position with shortcuts. I edited the thread title to make it clearer.

  • In Opera 12.18 there is a submenu on the Tab Context Menu to change the placement of the tab bar. I don't generally like submenus, but for something done only occasionally, it is fine.

    0_1538666700749_Tab Bar Placement.png

    In my opinion, that would be a better solution than wasting four precious or hard to remember shortcuts for this function. A single shortcut to toggle four possible positions would be too clunky.

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    @pesala In Opera 12.18, you can simply right-click on the tab bar and reposition it from the context menu. After all these years, I still try that here occasionally.

  • @ayespy Yes, you can do it from the empty part of the tab bar as well as from the tab context menu, but it's still on a submenu.

    Maybe you edited your Opera Menu? I did check with the Opera Standard menu setup. Editing menus is very useful to make what you use more accessible by removing what you don't use much, if at all.

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    @pesala Never edited Opera menus, Just going from memory. I used to flip tabs to different sides of the browser to check this or that out, all the time.

  • please add support for dragging the tab bar as well to new positions and the ability to cycle via keyboard shortcut between all positions.

  • I signed up just now precisely to make this request.

    Side tabs are amazing when there's lots of tabs but they eat a lot of space and such- simply allowing us to quickly change their position is a must for me - heck, its one of the decisive points that is making me indecisive between Vivaldi and Opera.

    Shortcuts: the argument of '4 extra shortcuts to remember' is null- half or more of the commands that we can set shortcuts are empty in Vivaldi. I combed through the entire command lists for shortcuts and gestures to setup just that, there's stuff there I can't ever imagine someone needing as a shortcut/gesture (like 'export bookmarks').

    That's the easiest one to implement- after all is just adding a few more lines, pretty much copy-paste the code used for the shortcuts and then changing the text and what function it points to. The functions already exist after all.

    Dragging: even more intuitive, would be amazing as well. It isn't as dumb and fast to implement as new shortcut options but shouldn't be hard either.

    Another idea, different request but related, would be for a toggle option that makes the tab bar auto-hide (and reveal by hovering the mouse at its position).

    The only workaround I've found, and terrible at that, is to use a shortcut for show/hide tab bar when using the tabs on the side (so they don't get in the way of the pages); Still I hate having to navigate all the time with the side version, would be so much better to just switch positions easily...

  • @vincer The Quick Commands dialogue (F2) can also be used to select tabs as can the Tab Cycler. Show as list works best if you have a lot of tabs.

    Vote for Option to Autohide Tab Bar UI


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