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    We already have a way to rename tab-stacks on the Tab Context menu, but there is currently no way to rename tabs.

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    It would be very convenient if the Tab Name could be inherited from the Bookmark Title. For example, I have a speed dial bookmark to Vivaldi Recent Posts, which currently has a default page title of Recent Topics | Vivaldi Forum.

    It would be better if it used the page title Vivaldi Recent Posts (or whatever name you give it in the Bookmarks Panel.

  • It would also be nice to be able to rename a tab that is not bookmarked.

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    @Richolsen Even if a tab is bookmarked, renaming the bookmark does not rename the tab.

  • or


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    @claudio The problem with using an extension like this is that it can read your browsing history. To remember which visited tabs have been renamed that may be the only method, but if the feature is built-in to Vivaldi, we can be sure that it is not sharing that history with anyone else.

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    I have recently discovered a use case that finally makes me want this request to be implemented:

    I have 2 python notebooks with the same name, and as they are VC'ed I can't rename them. This means if I have them both open, it makes it really tricky to determine which is which.

    For now a workaround is to just stack them with a speed dial tab, so I can rename, but that's not ideal.

  • My use-case: I'm an instructor, and every morning my students each present on various articles/exercises. If a student is presenting on more than one article/exercise, I create a tab stack and label it with their name. I wish I could do the same when a student is only presenting on one article/exercise.

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    @CassandraNewell As a workaround, you could stack single tabs with a start page (or some other page related to the student).

    0_1560870452208_Rename Tab.png

  • @Pesala very true, thanks for the suggestion!

  • I have a use-case: When left open, certain web sites/pages tend to eat up memory like candy, increase CPU/GPU usage, or make sound (recently options to handle this issue have been implemented). In these cases I will often load a new tab or non-dynamic page as the primary open tab in the window to minimize resource usage. This becomes problematic as the window count increases, all showing the same Window Title.

    Having the option to rename the Tab/Window Title to identify the primary purpose of the browsing underway in that window would help quite a bit.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I use the script Title Manager:

  • New user here. Loving the browser. Late to the party but can't say I would hate native tab renaming in Vivaldi. My use-case is I like to put all of my tabs on the left side of the browser. I can read the tab title easier and tab stacks make more sense to me this way. I am also weird so there is the noise of my weirdness to add to the equation. Did this get integrated into Vivaldi and I'm missing it?

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    @naelotus Tab stacks can be renamed (settings/tabs/tab features/allow tab stack renaming) but, as of yet, not individual tabs.

  • I don't use tab stacking much cos can't access each tab easily with the tiny cubes at the bottom of each stack. What I like to do is open multiple tabs and WANT to rename each tab. For example, I have multiple Ebay tabs for cordless drill; I'd like to rename one tab as "DeWalt", one as "Ryobi", one as "Milwalkee", etc. so when i hover over the tab i can see which auction the tab is without having to open the tab.

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    @jayeel The Page Titles are shown on the Tab Stack Previews. Renaming them is extra work with little benefit.

    Tab Stack Titles.png

  • @Pesala What I posted was just an example. It could be "Dewalt 1", "Dewalt 2", "Dewalt 20v", or "Dewalt 40v", etc. Basically, it would be nice to be able to rename the "normal" tab to whatever. Or renaming tabs to "1st choice", "2nd choice", etc.

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    Hello @ALL,
    I am very new to this community and to the ambassador program. And because this is my first post I want to say "Hello" to everybody 🤙 in advance!
    I am working with Vivaldi on a daily professional basis as a solution architect for a company that builds automation solutions for the graphical industry.
    Our browser-based software needs to deal with a lot of concurrently opened tabs (see screenshot below).

    tab renaming.jpg

    There are 3 tabs named "Flow"...and this is a simple example. To have the opportunity to rename single tabs (not stacks!) would prevent a lot of
    interruptions and would guarantee a smoother workflow. I fully agree with @Pesala who remarked that creating extra stacks just to be able to rename
    them is overhead that should be prevented.

    Of course there are some plugin for this like "Simple Tab Renamer" that - in my case - does a really good job. BUT: I am a big fan of native integrated
    feature that allows me to drop extensions and plugins. IMHO the less plugins you use, the better and saver it is!

    This may sound like an unspectacular feature, but a lot of private/professional users would benefit from it!

  • Yes it helps when i am building wordpress woocommerce websites and having a bunch of staging sites open that look all the same would be awesome if i can rename them

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