Extended Tab Management

  • It is great that Vivaldi (as the only browser more or less) support a reasonable sophisticated tab management system . However, much more could be implemented. Some suggestions:

    • Possibility to rename any tab - it is much easier for me to find my way along all tabs if I can give them more appropriate names.
    • Possibility to set the preview "icon" of each tab to an image of my liking instead of the miniature webpage that is the now default.
    • Possibility to have complete hierarchies of tabs, directories in directories. The is good e.g. for sub-projects of projects.
    • Possibility to align tabs next to each other. In principle one could take much influence from tiling window managers for X such as i3.
    • Possibility to control how a tab should behave. Thus, a tab should not only be a random holder of some web-page, but I want to be able to fix a particular tab to some webservice, e.g. gmail or some internal domain of my company. From this I want to be able to control what should happen when I follow a link outside of the "domain" of that tab. E.g. open the link in another designated tab (e.g. one that could be set to tile next to this one according to the previous point), or open in a new tab. Or some other behavior.
    • It could also be great if even more advanced "functionality" could be tied to a tag. E.g. something similar to Greasemonkey but integrated in the browser and where I can say thing like for my gmail tab (see point above) I want to make a "script" that automatically logs me in and does some other tings, e.g. mark something as read... or whatever. For these functions, I would like to be able to have my own toolbar connected to the tab. This toolbar could have buttons that run javascripts that I have designed (preferably be some recording mechanism to make in simple for newbies) to do some functions that I perform often on this particular webpage.
    • Tab sharing. If you could implement so that I could share a tab group with some colleagues that would be great! Real time sharing would be the most cool thing. If we run a project together, it would be great if we could share a tab stack for that project so that I can see any update my friend is making. If this is too tricky, just being able to email a tab stack to a friend could go a long way.

    There is, for sure, more that could be done with tab management and I think it has a huge potential for productivity improvement, at least for me.

  • @robert-rehammar , when it comes to renaming, hierarchies and aligning, an extension called Tabs Outliner could make a great model for designing these functionalities for Vivaldi. Please, see my post in this thread on Sessions Panel.

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    @robert-rehammar said in Extended Tab Management:

    Possibility to rename any tab
    Possibility to have complete hierarchies of tabs

    Please vote for the existing feature requests:

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    @robert-rehammar thanks for your input!
    Please post only one request per topic (and check before if they haven't been already requested before). It makes our job easier and therefore the probability of your request to be implemented higher. 😉


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