Create New Folder when Bookmarking Page

  • Ability to create a new bookmarks folder from the dialog box when bookmarking a page, instead of having to go to the bookmarks page to create one.

  • @dominicw2 said in Create New Folder when Bookmarking Page:

    Ability to create a new bookmarks folder from the dialog box when bookmarking a page, instead of having to go to the bookmarks page to create one.

    Yes, this one gets me all the time. I have very few complaints about Vivaldi, but this one repeatedly gets in my way.


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    Really, I miss that option, mainly I like bookmark everything (lol) and wanna a thing more organized in an easier way.

  • This is a must. It is a pain and illogical to create a folder, then go back to the tab and be able to bookmark it in the new folder.

    **ALSO while adding bookmark, should be able to:

    1. Rename a folder
    2. Move folders
    3. Delete folders**

    But at least give us the function to add a new folder please.


  • @washere Use the Bookmarks Panel for organising bookmarks. Drag and Drop, rename, adding folders, editing URLs, Nicknames, and Titles are all easy in the Bookmarks Panel.

    0_1529864750367_Bookmark Properties.png

    The Bookmarks Bar has been incomplete since its introduction years ago. This issue is well-known, and often complained about, but it is a low priority because it requires a lot of work to implement, and there are easy workarounds, e.g. by using the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab.

  • @pesala Thanks for the tip. That is a good way.

    I can see how a full featured bookmarker will be a lot of work.

    A workaround might be to add an options button to the bookmarker popup.

    Then it closes itself, opens the left bookmark panel, fills in URL & name, and puts the cursor focus there.

    Depending on how it is coded, it might be easier, or not, just an idea.

    I will not hold my breath for the function if it is a lot of work and less urgent that other issues as you inform.

    Thanks again for the tip.

  • @pesala Would it still be a lot of work to include a button next to "delete" in the add bookmark pop-up that would trigger the bookmark panel to open and create the new folder?

    I have no idea how browsers are made, so I can believe that something that seems simple might actually be a massive pain to implement.

    Thanks for the reminder about the bookmark panel btw, I keep forgetting it exists for some reason despite using the other panels constantly.

    If it helps anyone else in this thread, if you right-click on a folder in the bookmarks panel you're given the option to "Bookmark Active Page", which is what I've started doing after creating a new folder.

  • @Pesala How is adding one additional form field for New Folder, or even a secondary pop-up off a button for a New Folder, and creating it before saving the bookmark to it a lot of work? I understand prioritisation, but calling it a lot of work is dis-ingenious.

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    @artpoetryfiction said in Create New Folder when Bookmarking Page:

    calling it a lot of work is dis-ingenious

    Without access to the source code it's difficult to say how much work something will take. Not to mention everything needs to be rigorously tested.

  • Selecting a folder during bookmarking is a basic browser feature. We may have the most advanced and most featured browser but it if cannot be called user friendly because a user has to open more windows just to create a new folder to bookmark a link, might categorize it as browser for the techies only and not for everyone including the newbies.

    Additionally, selecting which folder to save other than the existing one should be through the collapsed root folders which can be expanded by demand for easy sorting (also a basic browser feature).

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