Allow Mute Tab from Context Menu Whether they Play Sound or Not

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    Chromium allows to do this by default.

  • Yes, please don't make us wait for a site to make noise before we can hush it.

    If I want to mute a tab I probably already know that and don't want to hear it.

  • [request moved from a duplicate thread]

    A tab cannot be muted unless it is already playing audio content. This conditional type of mute is quite ineffective because when I do a "mute all", it doesn't actually mute all tabs, but only the ones currently playing audio. The rest of the tabs do not receive a 'muted' status, so if audio content is played in those with some delay, it will be audible.

    Sometimes, if a video is already playing in the tab, Vivaldi still may not show the mute option. This happens often on Twitch video streams that have long intros without any audio, so Vivaldi doesn't 'detect' it and doesn't enable the mute option. So I have to actually wait for the stream to start playing sound in order to mute the video. This is too inconvenient.

    Here is a short recording of the issues described above

    In other browsers, e.g. Firefox/Chrome, each tab has a persistent mute/unmute option (either a speaker icon on the tab, or in the context menu), which is always there regardless of what's loaded in the tab. A tab can be muted at any time.

    Please fix this. Thank you.

    p.s. It would also be nice to have a button for mute all. That would be much better than going to quick tools and typing a command.

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