Allow Editing of Menus

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    Both main menus and context menus should be editable to add, move, remove items, change access keys, etc.

    Some menus should be rearranged by default, for example, the Close Tab Stack option belongs in the Tab Stack section, not the Close Tabs section IMO.

    0_1548418393567_Tab Context Menu.png

    However, it is hard to get a consensus for any change to the defaults, so customising is the only way forward.

    ModEdit: The browser's main menu can now be customized, so this feature request has been marked as Done. For editable context menus, please upvote the new feature request here:

  • I would really love an option to remove Add Active Tab from bookmark folders as I keep clicking it accidentally thinking it's the topmost bookmark. So yes, please give us the option to edit menus!

  • I hope this gets implemented. The thing is that each person has a different workflow and instead of huge threads and discussions about where something should be put up/down/left/right... let the users decide and give customization of the menus. It will solve a huge problem.

    Some people like this, some like that, each person has different workflow and taste. Even each person sometimes is in need of different profiles because the browser is a tool to be used for different goals.

    Give power to the user so they can alter the tool to fit their need

  • I love having access to my bookmarks in the menu now but I hate having the "Add Active Tabs" above every entry, is there a way to get rid of this? I don't use it at all & I feel it's distracting, even if some people like it I think it should be optional, after all the Vivaldi developers tell us this browser is about giving us choices so this is a choice I would like to have but currently haven't got.

  • @motionshot said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    I would really love an option to remove Add Active Tab from bookmark folders as I keep clicking it accidentally thinking it's the topmost bookmark. So yes, please give us the option to edit menus!

    Same here regarding the Add Active Tab item in every bookmarks folder. Please create an option to hide or disable this feature. It's an eyesore. Bookmarks would look so much better without it. Thanks.

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    @seeley Then you need to upvote the feature.

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    @motionshot Then you need to upvote the feature.

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    This feature request reached the 100 upvotes milestone, but that is no guarantee that it will get implemented any time soon.

  • Up-vote. Menu customization is essential. If the old Opera could, Vivaldi should be able to. When I read online on my tablet, finding a spot to click that brings up a menu including "back" can be a real chore (and no, I do not want to see or use the space-wasting address bar). And when I close a tab, too often I accidentally close all other tabs -- I don't want that option in any menu.

    A GUI menu editor is not necessary. As with the old Opera, direct editing of configuration files would be fine.

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    @jameskeating3 said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    Menu customization is essential.

    Judging from the number of upvotes, this is the most wanted feature, but it's not essential. There are adequate workarounds for the problems that you mentioned.

    • Use MouseGestures or keyboard shortcuts to go back/forward. The context menu is the least efficient method
    • Double-click to close tabs (Settings, Tabs, Tab Handling), or again use a shortcut like Ctrl+W.

    Most of us long-term Opera Presto users got used to editing ini files, but it's not user-friendly and was beyond the skill set of most users. If Vivaldi wants to penetrate the mass market they will have to make it easier to edit menus and toolbars. Even the modding experts have not able to find a way to hack the menus AFAIK. That this very popular request is still outstanding is an indication that it's not easy to implement, so I advise looking for workarounds.

  • I'm here to upvote this idea because without it Vivaldi can't have my respect.

    Others above have suggested really amazing ideas for modifying the menus. I just want to remove some options that are useless to me.

    Please respect my wishes and add this feature a.s.a.p.

  • Upvote 🙂

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    @Shirozawa To upvote, you have to go to the original post in the thread and click the "up" carat next to the words "reply" and "quote."

  • @Ayespy Sorry I didn't saw it, should I delete my replies ?

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    @Shirozawa No need.

  • +1
    Ability to add/remove/change order/separators.
    There is too many useless options in menus. How many users need direction of writing?

  • My vote for customizing drop down menus including their background color. This has been an option in Firefox for quite some time. Needs to be available in Chromium based browsers.

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    @Ayespy Yes, I am losing patience. This feature request currently has 180 189 votes — more than any other feature request — but it's not even tagged as work in progress yet.

    I would be happy with a way to delete and move menu items for a start. The other refinements like editable access keys, adding new commands, or horizontally stacked icons could wait.

  • It's been a year, I have very little hope and I'm surprised to see such a slow reaction time

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    @Shirozawa The Pipeline tag means it probably won't be done this year either. Too much work needed, and too many other things to fix that are more important.

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