Allow Editing of Menus

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    Both main menus and context menus should be editable to add, move, remove items, change access keys, etc.

  • I think that this is an absolutely essential feature. Vivaldi's context menus currently are way too large. E.g., right clicking an image that is also a hyperlink results in a menu with a massive 23 entries (plus possibly additional entries created by your extensions). About two thirds of these I will certainly never use. Being able to customize menus would make it much more efficient.

    Now for how it should be implemented, as far as I am concerned this feature does not need a GUI. Just being able to control the context menu entries in some documented manner using custom CSS/JS would be enough for me.

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    @wea0 Yes. In Opera 12.18 my customised image link context menu has just 13 items while the default menu has 17.

    0_1518412967468_Image Link Context Menu.png

    Customising is by editing the appropriate section of a single *.ini file for all menus. It is not too hard for geeks, but rather too hard for many users. I use Serif programs that have a full gui editor for editing both toolbars and menus, which makes it easier for ordinary users.

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