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    Now that Allow Editing of Menus was implemented in Vivaldi 3.1 we can edit the main menus and the browser menu bar. The next stage will be to allow the editing of context menus. I believe that they are already working on this.

    Many of the context menus contain many items that I never use, and some could be organised better. Some users asked for "Clone Tab" to be renamed to "Duplicate Tab" to avoid confusion, for example. I would like to move "Close Tab Stack" to the group of Tab Stack items.

    alt text

  • I think that this is an absolutely essential feature. Vivaldi's context menus currently are way too large. E.g., right clicking an image that is also a hyperlink results in a menu with a massive 23 entries (plus possibly additional entries created by your extensions). About two thirds of these I will certainly never use. Being able to customize menus would make it much more efficient.

    Now for how it should be implemented, as far as I am concerned this feature does not need a GUI. Just being able to control the context menu entries in some documented manner using custom CSS/JS would be enough for me.

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    @wea0 said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    Vivaldi's context menus currently are way too large.

    Yes. In Opera 12.18 my customised image link context menu has just 13 items while the default menu has 17.

    0_1518412967468_Image Link Context Menu.png 0_1539407974013_Image Link Context Menu.png

    I would apply a similar treatment to the Image Link Context Menu in Vivaldi. Customising is by editing the appropriate section of a single *.ini file for all menus. It is not too hard for geeks, but rather too hard for many users. I use Serif programs that have a full gui editor for editing both toolbars and menus, which makes it easier for ordinary users.

  • If this is indeed ever implemented I hope it will also allow horizontally tiling buttons like the current Chrom* menus

    alt text

    As @wea0 mentions, certain right click menus (like an image with a link) are way too overcrowded, and horizontally stacking certain options could help a lot minimized the clutter.

  • Here is a very basic mockup of what a multi column menu could look like and how it could help shorten the menu by making it visually easier to navigate (don't mind the ugly placeholder icons, just rushed them for a quick mockup, they could also be optional if you prefer text)


    Link Options

    • Open | Open in New Tab | Open in Background Tab | Open in new Window | Open in Private Window
    • Copy Link | Save Link | Bookmark | Add to WebPanel

    Image Options

    • Open | Open in New Tab | Open in Background Tab | Open in new Window | Open in Private Window
    • Copy Image | Copy Address | Save | Properties | Reload | Search by Image


    • Copy | Search | Add as Note

    And so on

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    @duarte-framos I would welcome this kind of menu. Microsoft† OneNote has a mix of regular menu items in its context menu, alongside a graphical layout for special "Paste" commands:


    †yes, I'm aware. When they put their mind to it, Microsoft can make good design decisions.

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    @duarte-framos said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    Where is a very basic mockup of what multi column menu could look like and how it could help shorten the menu by making it visually easier to navigate (don't mind the ugly icons, could be optional if you prefer text)

    Amazing +1

    It would what I think should be the context menu, shorter and direct.

  • I miss in Vivaldi the Close Tab and Clone Tab context-menu entries I was able to add to Opera 12.17. I would also like the ability at least to change the order of context-menu entries so that entries I use frequently are at the top. Even better would be the ability to remove entries I use rarely or not at all.

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    @enyap Try right click on a tab. Both Close Tab and Clone Tab is there.

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    context menu - setting option
    (sort - remove - hide)
    whatever help to make it less confusing !!!



  • @killdeer said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    I'm here to upvote this idea because without it Vivaldi can't have my respect.

    I created an account here just to say the same.
    I use Opera daily and thought it would be great if I could rearrange context menu positions. I thought "I can't have this in Opera, but I'm sure Vivaldi has this".
    After a quick search I got to this topic and frankly I'm shocked this functionality isn't implemented. But maybe it's good that I don't have to install another browser.

    Menu positions rearrangement is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think "customizing the browser". It's essential.

  • 2.0 released and still can't customize context menu...
    Losing hope here.

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    @wea0 I think all you are losing is patience. It is too early in the life of this browser for it to be possible to include even a substantial percentage of all of the features that users want, much less all, or even a majority.

    That said, the ultimate goal is to offer the maximum possible amount of configurability and flexibility, without sacrificing stability or security. This is already the fastest-evolving browser in existence, but change can never come fast enough for everyone.

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    This feature would be very nice for editing menus in the developer tools as well. I often make use of features hidden in sub-menus, and I'd prefer to have them available in one click.

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    To refine this feature request there seem to be a few distinct points that crop up in the comments, and from those of other threads:

    • Edit each of the chrome menu ContextTypes indivudally:

    "all", "page", "frame", "selection", "link", "editable", "image", "video", "audio", "launcher", "browser_action", or "page_action"

    • In addition, support editing contexts not normally allows such as the developer tools and the vivaldi-specific menu contexts including the main application menu, panel menus, and bookmark bar menus

    • Re-order existing menu items (as well as those added by extensions), allowing for nesting

    • Add new menu items (potentially corresponding to vivaldi commands not normally in the menu), with menu item types including those from the chrome api ItemTypes:

    "normal", "checkbox", "radio", or "separator"

    • Introduce a new pictographic ItemType as well as / in addition to:

    • Allow horizontal tiling / grouping of menu items, mirroring the zoom icons in the chrome main menu

    • The ability to change the style (colour primarily, potentially others) of the context menu

    • Allow for users to change item text, potentially setting their own Access K̲eys using &

    Basically, this feature request is sort of a master request for a lot of other smaller features and has a lot of work attached if it is ever to be completed, so patience is required.

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    While the menus are a bit of a mess, I'm not so bothered as long as I can use my own most commonly used tools in a quick manner. I became pretty furious a few versions back when the functionality of "Remove from Tab Stack" was changed from a "f" key stroke to highlight the function to "r", making it 1 of 3 r's in this context, with more or less depending on the status of the stack.

    I may have missed it previously, but I hope keyboard shortcuts are being considered as part of this standardization. I can get past if an awkward key is chosen, but consistency is key here - you can't go changing the end-user functionality, especially for form over function, that doesn't feel very much like Vivaldi at all.

  • Task: Right Click > Open Link In New Tab.

    I right click on links to open them in new tabs quite frequently.

    If the context menu can go downwards from the mouse position then it will, which puts the Open Link In New Tab item close to the mouse position.

    But there are loads of items in the Vivaldi context menu, so quite often it goes upwards from the mouse position, which puts the Open Link In New Tab item very far from the mouse position.


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    @billysielu You can use the middle mouse button or a mouse gesture, making it easy for you to do so.

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    I'm getting the jitters for this feature. I realised recently that we can set accelerator keys for notes with the & symbol. But the "Insert note" item itself has no accelerator, which renders note accelerators pointless. Being able to edit the menu would fix this easily.

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    @LonM Shift+F10 (or menu key), I, then your folder, then the note. For example: Shift+F10, I, V, S to insert my signature.

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