Vim-like keyboard interface

  • I would like to see something like "normal" and "input" keyboard modes like in Vi/Vim. It would be extremely useful to have unified keyboard interface between Vivaldi and vim so, for example movement keys (h,j,k,l) would be the same in Vivaldi and then you could press "y" to copy text form some DOM object and such. Also typing "i" for mode change in input fields is small trade off for unified interface mark feature would also enhance experience greatly as would "gg" and "G" commands i know that not everyone is using Vim but i have found myself typing "gg" so many time and trying to "scroll" with "j", "k" that i had to make this proposition

  • vimium kinda does that, but it doesn't work very well with Vivaldi right now. Many shortcuts interfere with the built in ones. but the f and F shortcuts of vimium are way more powerful than the WASD spatial navigation IMO.

    having the option to get vim like behavior in the mail compose window, that would be kicka** :)

  • Thank you buenchaval for vimium tip i had no idea that it exists!
    in notes or mail compose window vim like behavior would be nice

  • I've been using vimium for a while now and I'm very satisfied with it, but as Vivaldi is adding customizable keyboard navigation as a feature anyway, it might be nice to extend that to allow the features currently offered by the vimium extension.

  • Also it would be nice to be able to go in "source-edit" mode and back via keyboard
    sou you can edit source in place and render it without sending another server request, for web development that would be fast and very useful.

  • +1 for vim keybindings (but please make them user configurable!)

  • Really need it. It will be a killer feature (at least for me).
    Other Chromium-based browser have Vimium and other similar extensions, but... let's compare it to, for example, VimFx for Firefox.

    1. Vimium is not able to work on protected pages like browser settings pages, chrome-extension, chrome webstore, view-source and other. VimFx works everywhere.
    2. Vimium is not able to focus on omnibar, and implements its custom (not ideal, has limitations) address box. VimFx just uses native browser address bar, and everything works fine. So when using Vimium i have to use either limited custom address bar or inconvenient native one.
    3. Vimium is not able to manage browser UI elements while VimFx allows to click browser elements (tabs, extension icons, even browser window close-minimize-expand buttons). It is because Firefox UI is based on XUL -- a markup language. Vivaldi UI is based on HTML -- a markup language too. You have all the possibilities to implement this behavior.
      So Vivaldi has a chance to really become "a hacker browser" instead of laggy Firefox and i-know-better-what-you-want Chrome.

  • This one is worth checking out - a while since I've used it (no more FFox for me) but in those days I compared all similar addons and Vimperator was the absolute top:

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