Add an Assignable Key Binding for Scrolling Line-by-line

  • As a developer, I use vim as my editor. Whenever possible, I try to set up shortcuts to for vim-like navigation and operations. I currently have Vivaldi shortcuts for "j" and "k" to be page-wise "page down" and "page up", respectively, but I'd rather assign "j" and "k" to be page-wise "line down" and "line up" for moving up and down in a page one line at a time, like vim. But "line down" and "line up" (or whatever they would be called) are not available functions for the keyboard shortcuts.

    Also, it's great that there is a keyboard shortcut for "Find in Page", but I don't see a shortcut option for removing that resulting search window/pane. This is important because I often want to find something in a page, and then immediately start navigating from there. The "Focus Window" shortcut puts me back into the main window, so that's reasonable, but it would be great if I could use a shortcut to remove that search pane entirely.

    Thanks for a great browser! I'm asking for the above features because I want to use Vivaldi for as many of my desktop apps as possible, rather than installing native apps.

  • Looking at Firefox (sorry!), and using the Saka Key extension, its default keyboard shortcuts are vim-like, and they have "j" set to "scroll down" (one line at a time) and "k" set to "scroll up". That's what I'm looking for. For now, I just added the Saka Key extension to Vivaldi, and I have the scroll up and down that I'm looking for. But it would be great if Vivaldi provided this functionality itself.

    I would still love the ability to remove the "Find in Page" pane with a shortcut.

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    Up cursor and down cursor seem to do this already.

  • @pesala I don't see "up cursor" or "down cursor" listed in the keyboard shortcuts. If you're referring to the arrow buttons on the keyboard, then that's what I'm trying to avoid using, as I'm trying to map some of the main browser functions to my most familiar VIM keyboard functions.

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    @brianok Ctrl+UIp, Alt+Down, etc., can be assigned to commands. Some are already used by spatial navigation.

    0_1524858875130_Ctrl Up Down.png

    The Up/Down cursor shortcuts cannot be assigned, but already perform their default function, as do Home and End

  • The requested feature would be to add configurable bindings for line level up/down.
    So far it's only available for full and displayed page.

    target native binding dynamic binding
    site top/bottom Home/End Scroll Page to Top/Bottom
    page up/lown Page Up/Down Page Up/Down
    line up/lown Up/Down Arrow missing


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