Enable Custom Key Navigation for Quick Command Menu

  • Currently, the quick command interface only allows cycling of items via the arrow keys. The requested feature would allow any key binding to be attached for the selection and navigation of items. For example, an individual may bind Ctrl+n to cycle down and Ctrl+p to cycle up. Personally, I really like the concept of the quick commands and would appreciate any type of modification that would allow for this requested feature.

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    Why would you want to use two hands instead of one to navigate the dialogue?

    It is standard behaviour on dialogues and menus to use the cursor keys and is a problem only when it does not work, e.g. in Settings.

  • @pesala I've grown accustomed to Vi-like keybindings which allow for ctrl+n, ctrl+p, or even tab to navigate menu elements. It is incredibly inconvenient to use arrow keys as a result of this. At the moment I've conceded to using an extension to provide these intuitive bindings but as we all know, these extensions have various limitations. I consider Vivaldi to be one of the most hackable browsers which is why I switched over.

    In retrospect, even the ctrl+n and ctrl+p aren't really that important, as long as the tab function is added.

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    @nealot The Tab and Shift+T ab shortcuts already work in the Quick Commands dialogue to focus the list or the field for text entry.

  • @pesala Hence why I've suggested custom key navigation. Finding out that the tab key doesn't cycle the suggested elements has forced me to use an extension, instead of the native dialogue. If there was an option to to use custom bindings this discomfort would not persist and I would gladly switch over to using the dialogue.

    While researching solutions for this problem, I stumbled upon other posts like this https://www.reddit.com/r/vivaldibrowser/comments/3x8ygk/what_are_your_current_annoyances_with_vivaldi/ which comment on how others would like this feature added.

    Currently I'm using this extension https://github.com/brookhong/Surfingkeys to emulate the behavior I would want Vivaldi to provide natively.

  • I strongly support this feature request.

    To respond to Pesala: it's not a matter of two hands vs one, it's a matter of keeping hands on home row. On my most frequently used keyboards (mostly laptops), the arrow keys are really inconvenient to reach if I'm browsing using mostly the keyboard (e.g. using vimium j/k to scroll).

    Note that this feature request only asks for the ability to bind other keys (aside/along with arrow keys) to navigate and select, not for the default to change. (I personally want to Tab down through the list, not Ctrl+n. I guess if you really need to keep Tab to switch between text entry field and the list, maybe j/k could work within the list.)

    The customisability of Vivaldi is what led me to switch, and I'm somewhat surprised that custom key shortcuts for the Quick Command menu isn't already supported.

  • @stellallets Do you believe the reason this feature hasn't been introduced is because its implementation is non-trivial? Or do you think maybe it's just an oversight?

  • @nealot I totally agree with your opinion.
    I believe key bindings such as ctrl-n or ctrl-p navigation will favorably be accepted by emacs users. (of course, user-defined keybindings is better.)


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