What was your first computer?

  • I have had all kind of computers in my life. What I miss is discovering things of course I am happy that things are easier now not sure I could do those things.
    First thing was I bought Turbo Pascal it was small enough to run off a 360kb floppy. The program while loading would pause and ask if you wanted to add the help file. Later while reading PC magazine there was a way to run debug on the executable and modify the program so that it wouldn't pause and it would just assume the "Y" and move on.
    Second was my first hard drive that you had to run debug to setup the drive. No plug and play.
    There are a lot more examples. Those were the good old days.

  • I have always been more a hardware enthusiast than software and I have never done anything more advanced than a few .bat scripts using PC edlin editor….

    But did you know that Sinclair delivered DIY kits to build HiFi aoudio amplifiers? So my first Sinclair was a 2x20Watt stereo amp with active filters, that I built in 1972.

    Later, as an audio engineer in NRK in Norway, I have used Norsk Data central computer with Sintran OS. My first PC table computer I ever touched, was the First Apple Macintosh SE with CPU and harddrive integrated in the monitor, keyboard and a one-button mouse. I still have a Macintosh/20MB harddrive, with the Motorola 68030 "accellerated" CPU, same design as the original Apple Macintosh with blsack and white screen.

    My first real computer to own, was an Amiga 2000 in 1987, including a PC bridgeboard. I went on internet with that one in the early 90's, I believe it was Drammensnet in 1994. I was user No 15 I think. I had spent three months posting questions back and forth on one BBS, writing one or two lines of a large connection script to set up my Amiga and finally log on to the internet. With good help from other BBS users.

    The Amiga was a very advanced machin, using SCSI harddisks. In the year 2002, I could connect a brand new optical drive to it and it worked immediately, with 2GB storage, that was on an Amiga developped in 1987!
    I have never stopped wondering what the computing wrold would have looked like today, if the AmigaOS had survived over the PC Windows or Apple OS

    I still run the software emulator "AmigaForever" on my PC sometimes, just for the nostalgia. The first working computer (and "affordable" - NOK 170 000) video editor I used, in 1995, was the Draco Video Workstation, running Movieshop editing software -on the AmigaOS of course. This was the foundation of the popular Casablanca video editor launched in 1996, a proprietory, dedicated video editor in a box which was extremely easy to use. It "worked right out of the box", as the marketing slogan said.

    This has now become a very mature, user-friendly video editing system for HD video. Still going strong, Linux OS based, and only just recently launched for PC installation on Windows 8. This PC software is called Bogart and the Casablanca editors has been a source of income for many years, and I still deliver this system to customers in Norway.

  • If you were editing multi-line files in Edlin. That is a pretty giant feat. Assuming you are still sane.

  • Maybe there is a sane reason that I never have made many scripts later on, then… 😉

    And Oh yes my memory is improving here: I even wrote mountlists for an external scsi harddrive on my Amiga 2k. It was a 5" drive in a large external box, and went clickety-clack when accessing or writing data. Those were the days, yes. A world of wonder. Who would believe back then that the 16MB capasity of the scsi disk, fifteen years later could be stored on a stamp-size flat memory card.

  • @Perttii:

    Maybe there is a sane reason that I never have made many scripts later on, then… 😉

    And Oh yes my memory is improving here: I even wrote mountlists for an external scsi harddrive on my Amiga 2k. It was a 5" drive in a large external box, and went clickety-clack when accessing or writing data. Those were the days, yes. A world of wonder. Who would believe back then that the 16MB capasity of the scsi disk, fifteen years later could be stored on a stamp-size flat memory card.

    Wasn't commenting on scripts themselves but using Edlin itself. It was 1 line at a time and if you wanted to edit a line you had to remember its number.
    Of course, this is from memory.

  • I started with an IBM with no mouse and a floppy drive that took real floppy disks the ones that looked like the old 45' music disks and a terribad green screen.
    Playing frogga, swashbuckler,lemmings and space invaders.

  • Tandy Coco II with tape drive. Learned I wasn't a programmer. 🙂

    Next was an IBM XT 8086 with a huge full size 10 meg HD… still had the advertisement for thatuntil a few years ago...

    10 megs of storage ... "More room than you we ever need"! LOL

  • My first one was in 1996, I was 6 years old…

    It was a PC running Windows 95. It had a Intel Pentium 100 MHz, 32 mb RAM, 1 GB HDD, a floppy drive and a CD-Rom drive. I remember playing the first GTA game on it, and later connected it to internet in 1999 using a 56k modem. That was amazing.
    It was still working 10 years later when I gave it.

    18 years later, I'm working on a Mac Pro (cylinder), running OSX Mavericks, it has 6-Core 3500Mhz, 32 Gb RAM, 512 GB SSD...
    It's crazy to see it has 1000 times the 1996 PC's amount of RAM.
    Unfortunately, it has no floppy and no CD-Rom drive 😉

  • My first computer was just a computer that was put together. It barely had sixty gigs. Desktop. Floppy, and CD drive.
    Old Windows OS. Microsoft Office.
    :silly: Oh yeah it had an Intel Pentium. I forgot what addition. This computer is fourteen years old but still works. I just do not use it much. :blink: :blink: :woohoo:

  • Of course you can get a mobil floppy disk drive that you can hook up to your newer computer

    Me, I put everything in the cloud, CD or one of my e-mails. I do not store anything on the Web or computer that is ultra sensitive..

  • Enterprise 128k
    My dad bought EP in Hungary in 1990 year in summer.

    Z80 4MHz CPU
    128KB RAM
    He has a nice case design and great for those times, BASIC.
    Until now, it is in excellent condition.

    On the Internet you can find an active community of fans of the computer.

  • А я уже не помню свой первый комп.

  • I bought my 1st computer in 2003: Apple's eMac1 gHz
    But I still remember my father's PC , a 386XT. That was maybe in 1990 or 91.

  • First computer I used was a Bendix G-15,summer of 1965. Main memory was a rotating drum. It also used lots of vacuum tubes. The programming language was Intercom 500 - more rudimentary than what would be an assembly language today.
    First computer I owned was from Ohio Scientific Instruments- of similar vintage to the Apple II. Later owned an IBM PC-AT, Mac IIci, and many Windows-based PCs. Now, in addition to Windows, also use android-based devices and a chromebook.

  • My first one was a Marathon 32K computer, probably better known as Lambda PC8300. This was in 1982 I believe.

    I made my first program on it - a guitar chord finder after 3 weeks. After that, probably '83, I got a NewBrain AD computer which was a very good mini computer for it's time.

    And while we are at old stuff: -I used the Opera browser from the very beginning, so with the Vivaldi, the circle is sort of closed.


  • First machine I used was a Commodore Pet 2001.
    First one I owned was a VIC-20.
    Then Commodore 64.
    I owned about every commodore 8bit machine and peripheral ever made.
    Worked at a commodore repair depot for a few years where I sold a good portion of the largest Commodore collection in history… http://zimmers.net/cbmpics/2002fiasco/fiasco.html

  • Hmmm judging by the majority of postings in this thread it seems we Opera 12.x lovers are pretty "old" people :woohoo:

    My first own computer was a Philips VG8010. An MSX compatible home computer with 32kb RAM and based on the Z80A CPU.
    The first computer i came in touch with was afaik an IBM XT with a Monochrome Monitor earning some extra money for cataloging stuff into a database. Later on i had access to a friends Sinclair ZX81,

    I never had a Commodore C64 (VC20, Plus4) and really disliked their 8bit computers to be honest. That dislike for Commodore Computers changed later when they brought the Amiga Series.

    Over the years i had quite a lot of computers and kept a good deal of them (many i bought for sentimentality later on) including:
    Philips VG 8020, VG8235, VG8280, Sony HitBit, Acorn Archimedes, Atari 260, Atari 520ST, Atari 1040ST, Atari Mega ST, Amiga 1000, Amiga 500, Amiga 600, Amiga 1200 and maybe some more. PCs not listed since they are usually bought as components, 😉

  • Good night to all!, well when I was 8 years old I'd touched my first computer, a MSX Talent with cartridge interface, doing my first steps trying to understand BASIC and only I'd was capable to do only's PRINT, LOAD, SAVE, etc… After this I'd used to touch for a while and ZX Spectrum 8K, later spend hours on a INTEL 80286 with 640K and 12" amber monitor of a friend.When I'm 15 years old, as part of training exchange program from the high school we have the oportunity to work to ensamble PC's, from modests XT's (8086) to 80386DX with "gigantous" 2MB of RAM and 40GB disks... so in a jeopardy act I'd purchased all the components with the money I'd saved and do make my real first computer, an AMD 80386SX @40Mhz (buyed as INTEL 25Mhz) with 1MB, 50MB HDD and with an Cirrus Logic w/256K VGA card with 12" white posphor flat screen, with a modest DOS 3.3. Since this passed trough my hands an Ciryx 5x86 @120Mhz, IBM clone @200Mhz, a Pentium 233Mhz, an AMD Athlon 1.8GHz, an Intel Core2 duo @2Ghz, a set of Dell Latitude C410/D810/D620, HP EliteBook 6xxx, an AMD C50 laptop, and finally got a actually an Intel i5 laptop... but today I can remember the old-blackie MSX Talent with it freaky keyboard (the keys was so much bigger for my fingers, and it sound when pressed..) and my first x86 PC (a real win for a teen on a country where the technology available was some years delayed against the developed countries...) "brought to life" with my own hands.

  • My first PC was a second hand IBM PS/2 Model 70 running Windows 3.11. I can't recall how much memory it had, but I know it had a 120MB hard drive. It was my first PC, and I didn't appreciate what I had. It even came with a Model M keyboard! I got it for my 10th birthday in 1997. Memorable because my Dad bought it for me at a Cash Converters shop in Birmingham, and when we went to pick it up the guy on the counter was confused and gave us a modern multimedia PC. Windows 95, TV Card everything, my Dad wanted to take it but me being me and wanting the PC I saw a week ago I told my Dad it wasn't the one I wanted. He knew damn well it wasn't, but he knew it was more modern than the PC I wanted!

    Anyway, since then I've appreciated older hardware a lot more, collecting bits as I go. The oldest PC I have is an IBM PC-XT 286 from 1985/6. I bought it from eBay for £80, all I wanted was the Model M keyboard that came with it! As well as this, I have a custom built 486 that I was given by a guy who was clearing out his house. The interesting thing about it was that he gave me the documents with it, which detailed all the parts in it and the cost. A 250MB Samsung Hard Drive in 1993/4 cost over £1,000 according to his receipt!

    The most interesting PC I have is a Compaq Laptop - the model escapes me at the moment - but it has a built in ZIP Drive and a built in power supply. All it needed was a kettle lead to plug in to the back of it.

  • What my first computer was is difficult to answer.
    Let me explain
    At the age of 12 the school I attended was chosen out of thousands to have computer programming taught to us
    We learnt Mnemonic assembly language and BASIC. That was back in the early 1970's
    A professor from the local university setup a teletype machine with a keyboard and an accoustic coupler
    linked to a mainframe at the university (A Honeywell (if I remember correctly))

    The next computer I used was an IBM mainframe 370/158. My brother talked his boss into giving me a summer job when I was 14
    and I worked as an operator. On that basis they gave me a job when I was 16 and paid for me to go to college/university

    The first computer I actually owned was a Sinclair ZX81, followed by a spectrum 16


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