What was your first computer?

  • PDP-8i. TTY tape boot loader started by a short sequence toggled in on the front panel. 12 bit word, 4k address range (we hacked a way to add a few of these blocks (7 if I remember right) hacked hard drive, magnetic core ram, 12 inch reel to reel tape drive(s). Eight instructions.

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    Heathkit (can't remember model number) and Altair 8800 at the same time. After that, Apple II.

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    I still have the Amstrad up in an attic. I bet it would just work if I brought it down and plugged it in. It always did! 🙂

    Isn’t it a neat feeling to do this?! We have a habit of keeping old laptops and despite them not being super old it is cool to turn them on and have them boot into old OS'es just like the last time they were used years ago. We showed our teenaged daughter one machine and she asked, "why is it loading so slow?" :side:

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    Heh. I still have a 1995 Packard Bell Pack-Mate (updated from Win 95 to Win 98), but for some reason it hangs in the middle of trying to boot. I THINK it has a bad stick of RAM.. My old 10-lb monochrome Compaq 3826s-20 laptop has a similar problem - but that could just be because I didn't put a boot disc in it. I'm pretty sure it won't boot at all, unless you have a properly formatted 4.25" floppy in the drive.

  • My first computer was a fun little beast called a Cosmac Elf. Built around a RCA 1802 processor, mind had a whopping 128 bytes of RAM (I couldn't afford the full 256 bytes) and had this amazing user interface that consisted of nine toggle switches, a pushbutton, and eight LED's (I couldn't afford a 2 digit LED display or the decoder logic either, so binary it was).

    No permanent storage, hand assembling your machine language – fun times.

    Needless to say first time I got access to a TRS-80 it was a major step up. Woo-hoo, 4K Level 1 basic interpreter in ROM with 4k of RAM! ... and I could actually SAVE the stuff I wrote to tape!

  • Commodore 64 with Commodore tape deck along with Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Bruce Lee, Arcadia and some others

  • My first one that I owned? That would have been an earlier Trash 80. Prior to that I had two whose names I don't recall - their stats really. One was from DEC and allowed me to connect to the university and one was one provisioned by the state of Massachusetts and was actually made by the super-computer company, Cray. It was a huge thing, absolutely huge. Prior to both of those, I'd used dumb terminals for the most part. (That which is old is new again, as we move it all to the 'cloud.')

    I've owned a Vic 20, something from Atari, and even had a PET system that came as a kit for a while. Those memories are long forgotten or at least rather fogged. (I'll let you figure out why - this is the same username that I use on Slashdot, by the way - I just made a journal entry there suggesting that people try Vivaldi out so you might get some people smarter than I am - I'm just a button poker with a penchant for mathematics.)

    Anyhow, too many to list. I was just commenting in another thread how I'd once paid $400 for 4 MB of RAM and had to add expansion memory chips to a TRS-80 (model II - I think?) in order to be able to type in lower case. I was a bit late in the game, I didn't really touch a whole lot of computers until university in the early 1980s. I'd poked at some prior but nothing major. Today, I own too many and never get bored. Well, I don't stay bored… :blink:

  • My first Computer was a Commodore 64. The later model that looks like a wedge.

  • I won't waste anyone's time so the first REAL PC I got was a 166MHz Pentium overclocked to 200MHz, 32MB of 66MHz SDRAM, ATI 2MB 3DXpression video card, a 2.1GB hard drive, Sounblaster 16 soundcard running Windows 95 OSR2.b and friggin huge 14" CRT monitor at the then massive 1024x768 24-bit color.

  • The first computer I ever layed hands on was an Amstrad, but I don't know the exact model. It was distributed by the german company Schneider, that's all I know.

    The first Computer I ever owned was an Amiga 500. A friend gave it to me when he bought a PC (Pentium 75), so the Amiga already was highly outdated at that time.
    After that there was no new computer for a very long time. When I turned 18 I bought a PC, AMD 1Ghz. Brand new at the time and I was the first of my clique to own a 1Ghz processor.

    Today I own a C64 (ok, that one belongs to my wife…), Amiga 500 (upgraded with a SD Card reader, I kid you not! 😃 ), PC (outdated, only 2 cores... but it's still good enough for me) and an older PC, some kind of Pentium, don't even know the exact model... I tried running Windows98 on that one, but for some reason it doesn't recognize the network card. Maybe I try installing some kind of Unix on that one for testing purposes.

  • Mine was an Altair 8800b. Not good for much right out of the box, as it's I/O was toggle switches and LEDs (8 of each for data, 16 of each for addresses, IIRC), but there were lots of boards around for it. I added a digital cassete system, an I/O board, an 8" floppy interface and drive, a kit-built LSI terminal, a ROM board with bootstrap ICs, a manual paper tape reader and MS Basic on paper tape…and still didn't get much useful stuff from it. Switched over to TRS-80 Model I and, despite its design flaws used it for word processing and other stuff. Later went to TRS-80 Model III and a pair of Model IVs (one each for home and office).

  • At one point I also had a Kaypro 10, and was dating someone with a Kaypro II. Her Kaypro had a problem with its printer interface, so I brought mine to her to print from. But there was a problem: Wordstar on either machine could not see Wordstar files written on the other. In fact, as I recall, virtually no files written to disk by one machine could be seen on that disk by the other.

    It took days of research to ferret out the problem (no online user forums to help, yet): CP/M had a feature called "user levels," so one user's files wouldn't be accessible to other users. On the Kaypro II, which only had floppy drives, all files were set to user level 1' on the 10, which had a hard drive, each program had its own user level. So Wordstar files written on the II were all at user level 1, while those written on the 10 were at a different user level. The solution was to convert all files to the other machine's appropriate user level before moving the disk over.

  • Dang you people and your typewriters. 😠

    My first one was a 486-DX2 66 with 4MB RAM (which died due to mold). I was 10 when it died, and I did not have the knowledge to fix it, lol. That was when I started reading the manuals - and upgraded to a 486-DX4 100, with 16MB RAM… :o

    From that point on, I did a lot of scrap hunting, and found myself a VXPro board. Went on and bought me a Pentium 166-MMX for $5. Man, some serious Duke Nukem gaming started then... :silly:

  • @jon Atari 130XE

  • My first computer was a local Belarusian ZX Spectrum clone back in 1993 when I was about 6 y.o. :3

  • The first pc was a pentium 3 with an LG monitor. Dad bought it brand new. Have some good memories with it.

  • First computer I used was an IBM 1410. I once saw the memory when it was being maintained - about a foot or so cube, wires and metal loops - all 40K. This was in 1964 and I was starting my programming career at Lloyds Bank in London, UK. I finally retired from computing around 1991 but still provided local computer support and website design until fairly recently (after moving to USA in 2001).

  • My first computer was a Dell desktop. I was a 90's kid, so I remember Win XP and playing Neopets and finding cool wallpapers mostly, along with seeing the Hamster Dance and Dancing Baby fads. I think most if not all of the wallpapers I found were Pokemon, I still remember one was Mew, and another was Latios/Latias. Played lots of Pinball. Onestop.mid is still one of my favorite songs.

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    My first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48k. Still i have it and works 🙂

  • My first computer was an Sinclair ZX81, I have the self assemble version.


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