What was your first computer?

  • The first computer I owned was a Rockwell AIM65.
    I used it to develop assembler programs to burn into EPROMS to make dedicated devices based on the SYM1.
    These single-board computers were based on the 6502 chip.
    This all pre-dated the PC.
    Before that I wrote FORTRAN for the IBM 1620 and machine code for the Ferranti Sirius.
    Heady times.

  • While Apple II supposedly was the micromachine to have, financially it was way out of my league. So it was an Exidy Sorcerer instead, allegedly "a coveted collector's item". Now they tell me…

  • My first computer was a Kaypro II with 2 floppy disk drives, Zilog Z-80 processor running CP/M. I still have it down in the basement somewhere.

  • Timex-Sinclair 1000, $100 out the door. That was my first personal computer.

  • My first computer was an Ohio Scientific Superboard which I bought in 1979. It came with a whopping 4k of ram. I upgraded to 8k for $80 in 1979.

  • @brianlj:

    Mention of the TI-57 reminds me… Hands up all those with programmable calculators who wrote moon landing programs!

    I had moonlander going on an HP-25. It worked only in one dimension, up and down. I found that if I fired a negative burst of fuel followed by a positive burst I could land in two steps.

  • My first computer was the Texas Instrument TI-99/4A 🙂 Then i moved on to Commodore 64, Amiga and then PC .

  • Ohh my first Computer …. Siemens Nixdorf 80286 MS-Dos :whistle:

  • My first computer was a Commodore 64

  • Timex Sinclaire purchased first year they came out and still have

  • An orginal Apple ][, when they were new. Grandma bought it for me. Boy, were the boys in class jealous.

  • My first Computer was an Atari 800


    I've been in the 2nd grade.

  • My first computer was the Comadore 16, I hate to say how much time I spent loading games with my little RCA tape recorder.

  • I had an early 90's Wang laptop that was given to me by my cousin who had upgraded to an actual IBM-PC laptop. I wish I could remember which model it was exactly, but it came with MS-DOS and Windows 3.1.

  • My first PC was a Toshiba laptop with two 3.5 diskette drives A and B. After this model, laptops came with HD, and now you know why the hard drive got the letter C. I used to bot the system from DOS-diskette in drive A and simulated a HD in drive B. Those were the days. I felt like a geek and in fact was an expert in the eyes of my school and my neighbors. This lasted some years, till I went to Africa in 1993 to teach for two years.

  • Oh, the memories of owning a ZX Spectrum 48K in the early eighties are now coming back. How could I ever have hoped to fill the whopping amount of RAM that it had? Mind-boggling.

  • As with some posters in this topic my first computer was a Commodore 64, complete with green monitor and datasette. One of my best childhood memories actually and the machine that introduced me to programming.
    One day I dreamed that I programmed a game on the C64. Up until that moment I never programmed anything but then I just sat down and wrote the game from the dream. It was simple, and cheap, and bad - but it worked. And then a lot of games followed and I got better and better. Thank you, C64.

  • First PC I actually owned was a Commodore PC 10 III, whopping 512 kb
    RAM, dual 5.25 in floppy drives, but it did have 4 color CGA graphics.
    Then I bought a used 386 that needed work, it ended up being a 386DX
    with 4 meg RAM and 40 meg HD, then a 486, then 486DX4 Overdrive with
    24 meg RAM. About this time, I was given a broken IBM XT, but it did
    have a working 10 meg HD and adapter card that would work on the old
    Commodore, so I pulled one of the floppy drives and installed that old
    MFM hard drive. Still have my Amstrad PC in the attic, along with a
    386DX and various other parts, pieces etc.

  • I forgot to mention…all of those were either second-hand or rebuilds
    that I put together from parts picked up at various places, but mainly
    a little computer shop here in my hometown, unfortunately they have
    gone out of business. My last build is a Pentium 166 MMX with 96 meg
    RAM, 2 hard drives (2.1 and 4.3 gig), still running! I gave in and
    purchased a completely new system back in 2008, first new PC I've owned.
    It still runs too.

  • My first post here. My first PC was a Pentium P66 with 512MB hard disk and 8MB RAM. Also had a double speed CD-ROM drive! Great machine and fond memories.


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