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    Photographers, designers, bloggers and other creators work with images all the time. With Image Properties in Vivaldi, you can learn how a picture is made.

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    I would love to get back into my old photo hobby. I have some amazing images captured on 35mm if only I could find them...

  • Nice to see that the IPTC info of #3 tells me who the copyright holder of the portrait is and where I can reach him but sadly Vivaldi only show part of the info. IMHO that is an important info too, because there might be more than one person with that name and finding via search engine got a bit more difficult since the new privacy laws - and sometimes it is really important to know it because otherwise it can become very expensive ...

    The same goes for the XMP info, which tells me that the image was saved multiple times in Lightroom and in Camera Raw in Photoshop after some adjustments (colors, saturation etc and some lens correction) but other than that no direct pixel manipulation, so I know that Atle is truly photographed but National Geographics might still not take the image for documentary purposes because of the other corrections (Lens correction is fine by them though)

    Can we have that info at some time too - maybe in an "advanced" section, only for us few persons who are actually interested what was done with a photo?

    You are parsing the image anyway, most of that stuff can be grabbed via the EXIF pointers, and the XMP info can be found by a certain pattern. It would fully suffice if it would be printed as raw XML (but it would be nicer if prettified, maybe even with syntax highlighting :D )

    The IPTC info might be a little bit problematic though because some manufactures use crude encodings but it would be nice even if some of this information is a bit garbled.

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    My needs as a web-master are different to those of photographers. All I usually want to know is:

    1. Image type
    2. Dimension in pixels
    3. File size on disk
    4. Colour depth and estimated JPG compression
    5. URL on server
    6. Copyright holder and other details could be copied with Copy Data to Clipboard, which should give some visual and audible feedback when clicked. The Image Properties dialogue in Opera 12.18 even offers an option to edit the data in your favourite text editor, saving one step from copy and paste.
    7. For animated images, number of frames and delay between frames might also be useful.

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    For an accessible web, those images should have an alt text. (and image properties should show it ;) )

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    @cqoicebordel: I agree about the text, added now. As for Image Properties showing it, I am not so sure. The alt text is part of the HTML document, not the image.

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    @helmers: Yes, I know, we had the argument multiple times :)
    It's just more my usage :)

  • @helmers Such a shame that nobody follows the https://www.w3.org/TR/html-longdesc/ which would be a perfect candidate to display there.

  • That's one of my favourite new features. What would make it even more awesome is if it could be invoked from a right click over an image on a page (like in Opera 12).

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    @killchain Maybe I'm misunderstanding... but isn't that how it works at the moment? :) Right click on image for context menu; "Image Properties" is displayed in that menu.

  • @jonmc: "over an image", literally, like in overlay or dialog, not tab.

  • @jonmc Indeed. My bad, I actually hadn't used that much before and kind of forgot it's there. But it would be even nicer if it could open a modal window or something like that on the same page so that focus is not switched.

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