Image Properties as a Dialogue

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    The Image Properties would be more convenient to use if it was a dialogue, instead of opening in a new tab. The vast majority of web images don't contain a lot of Exif information. All I usually want to know is an image's name, type, or file size.

    This is the Opera 12.18 dialogue.

    0_1517402783751_Image Properties PNG.png

  • It could also be a sidebar panel. A general Info panel, which shows the site data by default, and the image data after selecting it from the context menu of the image.

  • I'd go one step further: In old Opera, the first context menu on right-click already displayed the file name and extension. If you added the file size to it, you wouldn't even need a pop-up dialogue for this basic kind of information. So basically:

    Right click on image ->

    Open image (imagetitle.gif || 58 KB)
    Open image in new tab
    Open image in new window
    [and so on]

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