Double-click a Link to Open a Tab in the Foreground

  • Using the basic mouse double-click over link to open it into a new tab with the focus.

    The solution, as an option or not, could be another one to do the same as gestures, rockers gestures, or combinations with keyboard ; but it is more obvious, simple, quicker, which is what we can expect for a basic function, and it's only a mouse interface : why the left mouse click opens the link, the middle one opens the link into a new background tab, and the last case, the opening into foreground new tab should not be as easier as those last ones ?

    Opening new tab into the foreground is a comfortable way to browse : keeping the main page opened with no changing for further reading (for a next element from a list for example), you can read the new page opened from a link that just interests you, continuing jumping from links to links from this page into the new tab without losing yourself into the historic : when you finished with this new tab, you destroy it, and come back to the first main page which is like you left it : no reload, no time reload, no come back to the top of the page...

    I'm wondering that this link behavior should be customizable so far you can select which interface would be the best for you, anyway double-click one is quite good.

    I make this suggestion as a new one, because an older one was locked without clear explanations and no way to respond. Into the last link you can find some test add-ons, or their presentation page, from firefox, showing the double-click special link opening, but unfortunaly, chrome and so vivaldi haven't one (or i didn't find it) ; test it ?

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    @seasonly The moderator clearly stated to start a new feature request thread, which you have done., so there is no need to respond any further to the locked topic.

    Personally, I find the existing methods adequate:

    • Mouse Gesture (I use GestureUp, GestureRight)
    • Right-click, Open in New Tab

    Either can be done without touching the keyboard.

    Double-click is potentially problematic as the first click may be interpreted as Open link in the current tab if the user is a bit too slow to double-click.

  • @pesala

    The other methods are adequates, but this one appears to me more adequate than the others. The mouse gesture needs a mouse movement which can be more tiring for the lot of clicks we do browsering, and a gesture over a link is not obvious and natural ; about right click, that means opening the contextual menu, it's several clicks : this is interesting for parameter function that you use only occasionnaly, but for a such common function like opening link, it's very distressing and that's why this is not used as often as it should be. Double-click just gets an easier access to this feature, getting out it to be a side feature which is not very used ; Double-click changes a lot the way you browse. Ironicaly, I think this is a light change to partialy reaching a solution for the problem of list reading for which already exists some suggestions trying to solve it (examples : 1, 2, 3, 4).

    Double-click is common used into Windows interface. And using the link doubleclick now, it's not confusing with one click. Thinking to the basic users, this could be only an option, one more 🙂 ; but even in this case, I think that the beginning users would learn quickly to click the both ways : they have already done this effort since for example, the windows file explorer is for double-click when opening files whereas you click one time for selecting folders into this program, the internet browser, with their links, are also oneclick.

    -About the last message :
    I would have liked to be informed clearly why the thread was locked (and discuss about the closing) whereas voting for it I avoided only a duplicate, I made a search before suggesting as this is suggested into feature forum...
    I would have liked to make a link from this old thread to this new one, maybe.
    About the link to firefox, I don't really understand why this is not allowed, this is only an illustration. Those who use firefox can try it, the others that doesn't want to install this browser, can just look the presentation page which have information. And since firefox add-on are now also only webextension like into chrome, why can we use them as a Vivaldi's extension ? The webextension standard would become a lie ?

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    Double-click gets tiring if used too frequently.

    I use Open in background tab to open multiple links from a page rather than Open in new tab, so I assigned the easiest mouse gesture as GestureDown over a link to open a new background tab. You could do the same for Open New Tab over a link.

    The context menu route is not something that I use much, but right-click, open link in new tab (at the top of the menu) is only two clicks, like double-click, not several.

  • @pesala
    I know that I can setup vivaldi setup gestures but as I said, gestures are not the less tiring way. Double-click is very much less tiring, this is a better compromise and more coherent with the others link click solutions.

    Double-click and two-clicks with menu reading are very not the same : the first is quicker and simple than the second.

  • @seasonly Fully agree with this feature request. It is also something that is missing in Vivaldi and that I loved in Firefox (with dblclicker extension).
    Indeed, double clicking a link is much more intuitive, fast and "natural" than using mouse gestures or a right click.
    So please guys, upvote this feature request as much as possible 🙂

  • Several months I use it, and I can't think now browsering without it.

  • @Seasonly Do you mean you found a solution?

  • @Ornorm Unhappyly not with vivaldi !

  • @Seasonly Thanks for your answer. I was full of hope 😉

  • @Ornorm Sorry for this bad hope.

  • Tap To Tab - Chrome Web Store
    Double-click (double tap) on a link to open it in a new Tab.
    Works with Vivaldi too.

  • @claudio
    Thanks it's run indeed correctly !
    But I still think this little thing for large comfortable browsering should be native.


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