Search results in webpanel / side panel

  • Sometimes I'd like to see search results side-by-side with current webpage.
    I have no idea how exactly it should be implemented (opening new panel / existing one / ...)

    It will be especially helpful when dealing with dictionaries / Wikipedia / etc.

    I just want to type shortcut + word in address bar as usual.

  • @rotfl I think tiling the search results page with the current page would work better than a web panel, which only has to be removed when you're done with it, then the panel has to be closed.

    If you tile the tabs, just close the search results tab when done. So, what is needed is a shortcut to tile the active tab with the next/previous tab.

  • @pesala Maybe.
    The result I want to achieve is to open results in non-symetrical tiled view by typing shortcut keyword into address bar. And to make it behave like singleton (re-typing shortcut keyword in address bar should result with loading result in same pane as previous one). So naturally similar behaving thing is a panel.

    Maybe some special case of search shortcut combo?
    Like side g keyword?

  • This looks like a two-step search, a hub page method that I also have had in mind. Sometimes, this is better than open a search engine page in a tab, and then open new tabs each time you think it is the page you want to get from the list. This solution is boring when you know exactly what you search, but is useful for making precise your idea when it's needed. This solution reduces tab number.

    Using current tiling doesn't seem to me an ergonomic way. This should be quick and not technical. More you can't actualize easily the page. The solution need to link the list page and its visualization : the link from the first list page always open its url into the second tab whose content changes so.

    I was thinking to a temporary webpanel with a bridge for opening the webpage link to the current tab.

    But I'm wondering if a special hub-search web panel doesn't do a good solution. As the web panel has bookmark or historic webpanels, the hub-search panel with a special magnifying glass icon should open a empty web panel, with only a bar address and why not search engine icons.

    If I well understand how are minded webpanels now, these are quite interface toolpage. The suggested feature may make to think that some of them could be rather than tab toolpage. I mean that the tab-linked webpanel shows page which is for the current tab and not for the others : if you indeed change tab, the tab webpanel content actualizes itself with the new content corresponding to the new tab page, or comes back to initial status, or even dissapears. This appears as subpages belonging to the tab itself and not to the interface, this is a draft. The hubpage should be as one of this. But this should mess a lot the current solution.

  • I don't see what the problem is with tiling, apart from the lack of resizing of tiles, and the somewhat inefficient method of having to select the new tab and press a shortcut.

    Links in the search results page can be followed with click, and go back with GestureLeft until you find what you want. This is as efficient as it can get as there is no need to open a new tab for each link. When done, just close the search results page, and you're back with the active page from where you started.

    0_1518430182682_Tile Tabs.png

  • @pesala Example - I dont want to switch "active tab" but to open search results in tiled page via address bar.
    Tiling requires Ctrl + Tab (that will or will not move You to proper tab - depending on settings... so maybe x times Ctrl + Tab), then F8 then g keyword + Enter and finally Ctrl + Tab
    This is too much for achieving this result.

  • @rotfl said in Search results in webpanel / side panel:

    I dont want to switch "active tab" but to open search results in tiled page via address bar.

    I think the linked feature request Faster Assignment of Tab Tiling addresses the usability issue.

    Whether you use Search with from selected text, or Open in New Tab from the address bar, Tile with next/previous tab would present both tabs as tiled, without any Ctrl+Click on the tabs.

    Even as it is now, open search result in new active tab, then Ctrl+Click on the current tab with Settings, Tabs, Tab Selection, Include active tab in initial selection, is not too much.

    Using a web panel includes two stages to close it: remove web panel and close the panels, rather than just one action to close the search results tab. The Web Panel does solve the resizing of tiles issue, but then you will likely end up needing to resize the newly added panel to see the search results.

  • @pesala
    I don't very understand your manipulation.

    • If I click classicaly on "shortcut to tile the active" from the left panel, the left panel changed. If I click with "OpenTabInBackground", the tile doesn't consider it.

    • If I click over a link from the search list (which is logicaly rather to the left panel and the visualization to the right), I can get to the page indeed losing it from visualization in the same time. When you compare different things from a list, you appreciate to keep list items in memory or rather with modern computer, directly below the eyes. More, to evaluate if the page is the good one, I need to go deeper into arborescence of this page. Backing from there become fastidious.

  • @seasonly I agree with your thoughts: (a) no extra tabs please and (b) it has to be fast, plus (c) have the list of search results always visible while checking the linked pages. I had a similar idea just yesterday here:


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