Temporary web panel to compare pages (special tiling)

  • A light and ergonomic solution to create temporary web panel should allow to compare or to keep an eye on a page whereas you continue browsing on another page.

    Contrary to stack, the two pages are not linked together and still be considered as different tabs. It should be only a view solution, not a managing one. The selected tab which be selected as temporary web panel, would be framed with a high color which would be the guide to see that the webpanel is temporary, contrary to the others ones : webpanel title would be in the same color, like the icon which appears automaticaly at the end of the webpanel icon list.

    This function should be easy to access, you do so far double-clicking the tab that you want to view as temporary web panel. Another double-click erases the temporary web panel. Look image for an an example.

    This feature is coming from the old version the tile tab firefox's addon ; contrary to it, the suggested solution doesn't make you to select contiguous tabs.


  • @seasonly Have you discovered Tab Tiling yet?

  • Oh ! I thought that this tiling function is available only if you stack tabs. After your answer I've got deeper and indeed tiling functions are also availables (and the statusbar tiling icon get out from its grayed unactivated status) when you select at least two tabs like you select files (with ctrl button). Thanks for telling me this. As usual in vivaldi, it is not very obvious. It is there but no told that this is there and how to get it.

    Then my suggested feature looks quite useless now, or not totally 😉 My misunderstanding should suggest an easier access to this feature or at least or less misunderstanding situation. This is a very useful feature when you discovered. The new Firefox's version lost it !

    In this way to make easy the tiling feature in vivaldi, here is two suggestions :

    • Double-clicking on any tab should activate vertical tiling (the most used) with the current activated tab
    • Tiling icon in the status bar should not be grayed. Clicking on it should make the current tab and the next to be tiled. Even when there is only one tab, in this case, a new tab is playing the second tiled tab.

  • @seasonly These ideas are already there.

    Bookmark this search for "Tiling" and just change the search term to look for anything else.

  • It is not really possible to continue browsing when you utilize tiling (in my browsing style I always open links in new tabs). To solve this I made a simple page that creates a "temporary panel" a while ago, see here:

    Just save it to disk (e.g. d:\generic_panel.html) and add the panel with a file url (e.g. file:///D:/generic_panel.html)

  • @pesala The both suggestions are not exactly the same. The second seems even as a bug or at least a defect which should be avoided, i think.

  • @caine Indeed the tiling function sticks the browsing into tab lists with the both tabs selected. Finally my first suggestion is not so much useless. It could be a complementary special tiling function.

  • @caine said in Temporary web panel to compare pages (special tiling):

    It is not really possible to continue browsing when you utilize tiling

    It is simple. Just don't open links in new tabs. Use the Back or Rewind buttons to return to your original tiled tab.

    Any Vimeo or YouTube Video can be added as a web panel.

    Just use the search field to find any other video.

    0_1517745443682_YouTube Panel.png

  • @pesala Yes I know. However, I tend to browse breadth first and not depth first. That is a heavily ingrained habit. E.g. if I visit hacker news then I first open up all articles that seem of interest to me, close the main page and then I proceed to read them one by one. I do the same on forums. Basically, I never use back or forward in browsers and thus browsing in a tiled layout does not work, for me.

    Regarding the search bar, I tend to have the url of a video, not the name. I have a video speed dial setup with lots of youtube and twitch channels in it (sorted by category: educational, space, entertainment, specific games, etc.), which I use for zapping around. Going through search is just an extra level of indirection.

    So basically I came to the same conclusion as the OP. I need a temporary panel which can freely change its content (and not necessarily limited to videos). Hence my solution/workaround. If that gets an official and more robust variant, then I am all for it.

  • @pesala
    The tiling blocks tab reading if the tabs are not those tiled. In fact, you can't tell to the browser that between both tiled tabs, one is the main and never change, the other is the current tab, even if I change this current tab.
    Then the solution is to make a new web panel manually. If you have a lot, you add another one in the long list. One which doesn't aim to a domain, but a particuliar subpage, that you will forget quickly because you need it only during a short time. You're going to mess the webpanel icons ?
    Finally my suggestion become a tab-centered way to do this : the tab thumbnail controls the function, shows the feature, the tab changes in the same time of its view in the special panel, and disappears without I search in the web panel which icons is the good.

    I don't know if it could be useful in the case that you suggested, but I suggested this feature which could be related

  • @Seasonly No that is a different (but also useful) use-case.

    My case is already mostly covered by the temporary side-panel page I linked to above (though I would prefer that changing tabs in a tiled layout just switches the active tile). It adds an empty panel with an address bar in it. Any URL pasted into it will open that page in the panel. Clean and simple. I have two of those panels on my panel bar, which is sufficient for me.

    It is not so much a temporary panel but rather a non-fixed URL panel. It achieves roughly the same effect as your proposal. Try it out.


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