Web Panel Search with Results Opening in a Tab

  • Create a Web Panel that opens pages in the main pane. This Web Panel should be dedicated specifically to search. Of course, I could just put DuckDuckGo, Bing or Google or what have you quickly into a Web Panel with today's possibilities but when I activate it, the narrow space is often not well used and most of all, when I click on a result it opens within the same space.

    The app [DEVONagent is a very cumbersome browser and extremely complex to operate. But there you have all search results in a list at the left and once you click on a search result (a blue dot then goes away just like in an RSS reader where it's marked "read") - then the link opens in the large main right pane.

    Browsing through search results like that would facilitate research tremendously. Just compare this with our current way of searching: currently, you have one tab with all results, you command-click (Apple) on a result, end up having multiple other tabs open and finally can't find the original page with the search results anymore. That's a bit of an extreme description but you get my point.

    The specialized Web Panel approach would allow me to browse quickly through the results. It would be a much more effortless approach. I would go as far as saying that it would "revolutionize" the act of searching in our fast-paced times.

    Ideally, this would be implemented by showing blue "read" indicator badges and separator lines between the search results. I believe all that can be implemented with simple HTML and CSS. Vivaldi could market this as a major feature.

    Please do.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/esa2ne084yjg8py/Screenshot 2018-05-16 00.50.29.png?dl=0


  • @mypointofview It would work better than the current system. It might be even better if one could do this with Tiled Tabs: Open first result tiled with results tab, then drag link of second result to the other tab to view that, etc.

    There are a couple of things that you can already do to make viewing search results easier.

    • Open search results in the same tab with Left Click, and use a mouse gesture to return to the search results when you have read the linked tab
    • Add the search to a panel, and set the panel to separate width. Show all toolbar controls so that you have back, forward ,and home buttons on the panel toolbar.

    0_1526445677849_Search Panel.png

  • Some idea with partially common ground 😉
    It was also about possibility to use search keywords to open it


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