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  • Follower Tabs like we had in Opera. Open tab A. Create a Follower Tab ( tab B ). Any links clicked in tab A will open in tab B.
    NiftySplit extension provides similar functionality, but only allows creation of a follower window, not a tab. [[Copied from user Fig]].

    //MODEDIT: You may also wanna try this solution.

  • Interesting. This linked tab should be useful for reading list like those produced by search engine. But it seems it is not a feature of the new Opera anyway. I would see a chain icon between the both tabs to indicate that they are closely linked (and not only tiled)...

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    I have never used it before in Opera 12.18, but it looks like it would useful with tiled tabs.

  • I found it useful for looking at search results. Since clicking on a link opened it in the follower tab I was sure I could easily go back to the results page, and I wasn't opening everything in (different) new tabs. Not that I used it much, but I did use it.

    In early versions it was called "Create linked tab", but they changed it to "follower tab" in version 10 or 11 somewhere.

  • Added to the BTS as feature request a long time ago:
    VB-4785 - "Create Follower Tab" tab bar context menu option

    ... but keep voting to show support for this feature :)

  • @quhno said in Follower Tabs:


    A 4 digits long bug number? This is a relic from ancient times 𓂀.

  • @lonm ancient would be one year earlier ;)

  • Oh yes, one of the Opera 12 feature which was quite hidden / unknown, but so powerful!
    I was just thinking about it, and tried to find it in the existing feature request... Glad to see I am not alone!

    An other example of usage:
    When you're reading a documentation, with a table of content at the top.

    • Left tile: split the page to display the table of content on the left
    • Right tile: the "linked / follower" tab on the right, ie the same documentation page
    • Any click on a section title (from left tile) would move the content of the documentation (on the right tile) to the corresponding section, while still keeping the table of content visible.

    Would be a killer feature with the now possible resizing of tab tiles!

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    Oh yes, i miss these Follower Tabs.

  • Useful if you need to use a projector, but don't want to have to keep switching between the projection and your screen.

  • "Duplicate in a Follower Tab" or "Mark as Follower Tab"

    I would love to see that feature!

    Sensible speed enhancer in times of widescreen monitors :)

  • Add me to the list of those who really liked this feature in the Opera-Presto. It would be dandy to have it once again in Vivaldi!

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    EDIT: Check the Follower Tabs thread in the modifications forum.

    You can achieve this by adding a simple bookmarklet:

    javascript:var linksArr=document.getElementsByTagName("a");for(i=0;i<linksArr.length;i++){linksArr[i].setAttribute("target","followertab");};

    Execute the code in the address bar or save it as a bookmark and put it on your bookmark bar (or use the bookmark however you wish).

    This will change all the links on the page on which you executed the code. They'll use one tab as their target. Just click on any link to create the "follower tab". This will work for as long as you don't refresh the original tab (on which you executed the code).

    If you want the effect to last even after refreshing the original tab, you can add the code as a Page Action (thanks @valiowk for the hint).

    Go to your Vivaldi installation folder and navigate to the Page Actions catalogue (which is located at *Vivaldi installation folder*\Application\*Vivaldi version number here*\resources\vivaldi\user_files\) and create a new text document. Change its name to say "Follower Tab" (or however you wish) and change file extension to *.js, so it looks like - for example: Follower Tab.js

    Open the file in text editor and paste the following code:

    function FollowerTab() {
        var linksArr=document.getElementsByTagName("a");
        for (i=0;i<linksArr.length;i++) {
    if (document.readyState==='complete') {
    } else {
        document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {

    Save the file and restart the browser. Now you can create a follower tab by enabling the script from the Page Actions menu and by clicking on any link on the page. From now on, every link from the first page will be opened in the "follower" tab.

    IMPORTANT: The Page Action code runs once. If the website uses dynamic content loading (like eg. "infinite scroll"), you may have to switch the action off and then switch it on again, so that it affects the newly loaded content.

  • @pafflick said in Follower Tabs:

    You can achieve this by adding a simple bookmarklet:

    Wow! Thank you very much! It seems to work as expected. Very nice ! :)

    @treego said in Follower Tabs:

    Add me to the list of those who really liked this feature in the Opera-Presto. It would be dandy to have it once again in Vivaldi!

    Even if @pafflick 's workaround is great, don't forget to upvote the 1st post if you miss the feature 😉

  • @guilimote OK, I just upvoted that first post as you said. Thank you!

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