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  • Follower Tabs like we had in Opera. Open tab A. Create a Follower Tab ( tab B ). Any links clicked in tab A will open in tab B.
    NiftySplit extension provides similar functionality, but only allows creation of a follower window, not a tab. [[Copied from user Fig]].

  • Interesting. This linked tab should be useful for reading list like those produced by search engine. But it seems it is not a feature of the new Opera anyway. I would see a chain icon between the both tabs to indicate that they are closely linked (and not only tiled)...

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    I have never used it before in Opera 12.18, but it looks like it would useful with tiled tabs.

  • I found it useful for looking at search results. Since clicking on a link opened it in the follower tab I was sure I could easily go back to the results page, and I wasn't opening everything in (different) new tabs. Not that I used it much, but I did use it.

    In early versions it was called "Create linked tab", but they changed it to "follower tab" in version 10 or 11 somewhere.

  • Added to the BTS as feature request a long time ago:
    VB-4785 - "Create Follower Tab" tab bar context menu option

    ... but keep voting to show support for this feature :)

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