Search for Tab Titles / URLs

  • I have dozens of tabs open most of the time, and after a while, I might not be able to find a page that I was browsing before due to overcrowding.

    The feature I'm proposing would look something like this: when typing something into the address bar, vivaldi would add 'open tabs' into the list of suggestions. Selecting one of them would mean jumping to that open tab, in addition to closing the current page if it was a fresh blank one with no 'forward/back' history but leaving it untouched otherwise.

    Alternatively, there can be a shortcut for a 'tab search' separate from the address bar.

    Apart from helping find opened tabs, this would also help avoid opening unnecessary duplicate tabs and thus prevent further overcrowding.

  • @tiva Use the Quick Commands Dialogue (F2) for this.

    0_1525436136095_Search Tabs.png

  • @pesala Oh brilliant, thank you.


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