Vertical Tab Bar needs (Auto)Scroll to Active Tab Functions

  • Currently the vertical tab bar is not very usable when there are more than 30 tabs within a window, because the active tab might be hidden off-screen, & there is no way to know if it's hidden above or bottom section of current screen view. Thus it's quite annoying when looking for the active tab from vertical tab bar.
    We need some passive functions and commands for (Auto)Scroll to active tab to improve the vertical tab bar:

    1. Option for Autoscroll to reveal active tab when mouseover the tab bar, if active tab is hidden.
    2. Autoscroll to active tab when jump between 2 tabs located off-screen (example: from last-bottom tab to the first-top tab).
    3. Manual commands (keyboard/mouse gesture/menu) for Scroll to active tab.

    Thanks for all the support.

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