Show my user name when hovering over the count of a post I voted for

  • When I find a post that I want to upvote, I don't always remember if I already did so. Hovering over the vote count shows some users names, but if it has more has a few votes, my name is unlikely to be displayed.

    Currently, the only way I know of to find out is to click on the upvote and see the vote count decrease instead of increasing. Then, I have to click on it again to restore my vote.

    It would be nice if the current user's name was always displayed in the tooltip when hovering over the vote count.

    Alternatively, it could work like LinkedIn where posts display "liked by you and 3 other people".

  • You can click on the vote count, this will display a popup with everyone who has upvoted the post.
    Alternatively you can use the forum extension, which features voting indicators by default.

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    @josephj11 Click on the number of votes to see the full list. As long as you have a distinctive Avatar, which you do, it is easy to spot it.


    Sort by Newest to Oldest will show the threads sorted by the most recent replies.

  • @luetage Just installed your add-on. Really liking it so far. Just wondering why I didn't know about it for 8 months. It's a big help.

  • @pesala OK. That works. What was confusing me was that I knew I had finished 28 of 33 pages, but on page 29, I saw something I had already voted for. As I suspected, you confirm that it's not ordered by when each thread was started. It's by last update, so threads can move around in the list. With @luetage 's add-on I can immediately see what I have already voted for so I don't have to read them again. Doesn't help for the ones I've read, but didn't vote for though.
    Thank you again.

  • That's a general forum problem. There is no way to sort a subforum by date of creation and we can't see, if we voted for the original post of a thread from the subforum overview, which would be useful for the feature request section, but less so everywhere else. I'm afraid this can't be solved with help of the extension, because there is no way to check for a vote before opening the thread. This would have to be implemented by Vivaldi.

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