Push Tabs to Other Synced Devices

  • When using sync (new feature currently in snapshot) and having multiple browsers open on various machines all synced using the same account, I can "pull" open tabs from other machines (cloud icon top right next to rubbish bin icon), but it would be great to be able to "push" tabs to other machines.

    Use case: I'm at home a find an interesting article I want to read tomorrow at work and not forget about it -> Push to browser open at work.

  • @balvik I see a cloud icon next to the Show Panel icon, not the Trash/Rubbish icon and see no way to push or pull tabs from another machine. Am I missing something?

    Linux Mint 18, Vivaldi 1.15.1104.3

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    @vakkotaur In order for you to see the second cloud, (by the trash can) first some other machine has to be connected to sync on your account, and must have uploaded its tabs. You cannot "push" tabs, but can see and open those (including a whole session) from other machines that have uploaded, from the cloud by the trash can - but first, the other machine has to have succeeded in uploading all of its sync data.

  • @Ayespy is right. You need to first set up sync, open Vivaldi on at least 2 PCs, login, open tabs on one then you should see the tabs under the cloud icon which appears next to the rubbish bin. But alas no pushing tabs to other synced devices. I'd like a an item like "Push to other device" on the tab context menu (with an arrow showing a sub-menu of all other synced Vivaldis). (Like we already have "Move tab to >", then "Push tab to >")

  • I'd rather see this feature when Windows panel will be able to manage multiple windows. Then we could add a browser instances to it so we could just fully manage every tab on every device from every device.

    Changes like this could be real time if other device is powered up or set to be synced when the device is online again.

    Of course pushing tabs like moving tabs to other windows is good too, but I'm still looking for a browser that could manage tabs in real time from any device.

    It's 2018, yet we still can't just open a bunch of tabs on desktop computer, realize it's late and we're gonna miss the train so we grab a laptop/tablet/phone and just continue browsing on other devices AND be able to close tabs that we've already read, so we don't have to close tabs again when we get back.

  • +1 on the original feature request. I'd really like to stumble across something at work and send it to "home" for when I have time for non-work activity.


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