Option to Disable White Background Behind Favicons

  • Vivaldi always displays a white background behind the favicon of the currently active tab. I can understand why this would be there, but honestly I myself would like to be able to disable it.

    Alternatively, it would be nice if it could also be enabled in background tabs as well.

    After trying one of the recent snapshots, I'm glad that this was partially added. White backgrounds no longer display while using a light theme, however they are still present while using a dark theme. I still think there should be an option to disable it.

  • Upvoted, but I'd like to have an option to show the white background on the background tabs too.

  • Firefox doesn't use white background behind favicons and I like it. Upvoted.

  • While this should be a native option, one can disable it with modding as a temporary workaround, adding to custom.css:

    /* Disable favicon white shadow on active tab in dark theme */
    .theme-dark .tab-position .tab.active .tab-header .favicon {
        filter: none;

  • @Nekomajin Yup. And as it easy to do with css mods the best would be to choose it in settings:

    Tab favicon background:
    ☑ No background
    ☑ Only on active tab (current behaviour)
    ☑ On all tabs (slightly dimmed on background tabs)

  • I am fiddling with custom themes, and I found a severe issue regarding this request. When I have Accent Color from Active Page enabled and Apply Accent Color to Windows disabled, on many sites the favicon is invisible or truncated.

    I think this request should be turned into a Theme Preference and should use the foreground color and the corner rounding for the box behind the favicon, if enabled.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Up vote for this option...
    In addition, about what the topstarter wrote, there is another problem regarding the presence of the alpha channel in the favicon. Sometimes, if there is an alpha channel, its appearance completely deteriorates due to the white background highlight.


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