Hide UI Per Window

  • Currently, you can have a per-window fullscreen. However if you choose to hide the UI (via Ctrl+F11) this is global across all windows, which is sometimes not desirable

  • To avoid any confusion, I assume that you speak about CTRL+F11 😉

    I add this precision because I have seen people thinking about different things when talking about UI or fullscreen mode, especially because "hide the UI" is accessible only by keyboard shortcut if I'm not mistaken (so only a few people are familiar with it).

  • @guilimote said in Hide UI Per Window:

    I assume that you speak about CTRL+F11 😉

    I'd like it to be for all parts of UI.
    e.g. In one window I want to hide the Status Bar - but still have it in another window.
    Same for Tab Bar, URL Bar etc. Each element/bar hide should be active only for the invoking Window.

    Same when I have a mix of "normal" windows and "private" windows.

  • Ok, so your request is more generic than I thought. But anyway, imho CTRL+F11 should also be windows specific, and can be included in what you say.

  • I join the request ... I want and I need at least something like what advertising does when it opens a window without icons, without tabs, only with the address bar "blocked" .. even something like that would be useful or if You can start a separate window.
    For example: "vivaldi-stable --new-window --no-ui-tab https://forum.vivaldi.net" tell me how I do it,

    because I suppose that if the pages of advertising and other sites that can do it in the form of a pop-up window, it means that this is already implemented in the browser.

  • This would be pretty cool. I didn't even know that shortcut and feature existed. I did notice that opening web panels was a bit sluggish in this view, compared to normal. So maybe that could use some attention in general.

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    Tab Thumbnails should also be visible per window.


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