Hide UI Per Window

  • Currently, you can have a per-window fullscreen. However if you choose to hide the UI (via Ctrl+F11) this is global across all windows, which is sometimes not desirable

  • To avoid any confusion, I assume that you speak about CTRL+F11 ;)

    I add this precision because I have seen people tniking about different things when talking about UI or fullscreen mode, especially because "hide the UI" is accessible only by keyboard shortcut if I'm not mistaken (so a few people are familiar with it).

  • @guilimote said in Hide UI Per Window:

    I assume that you speak about CTRL+F11 ;)

    I'd like it to be for all parts of UI.
    e.g. In one window I want to hide the Status Bar - but still have it in another window.
    Same for Tab Bar, URL Bar etc. Each element/bar hide should be active only for the invoking Window.

    Same when I have a mix of "normal" windows and "private" windows.

  • Ok, so your request is more generic than I thought. But anyway, imho CTRL+F11 should also be windows specific, and can be included in what you say.

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