Full-screen and Toggle UI settings should be on a per-window basis, not affect all windows

  • Cuurently the use of the Fullscreen Mode (which also seem to hide the address bar and other useful buttons by default) and the toggleUI mode, affects all open windows.
    I have been in situations a lot where i'm using a webpage as a reference, and want to hide the UI so i don't sacrifice too much screen real-estate, but still need my other browser windows to be full featured, chromed, UI'd tab-barred browser window. This niggle has been a source of frustration for me since the feature was added.

  • Moderator

    @sonik Please vote for the existing feature request.

    Hide UI per Window

    If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "UI" to any other term. Enclose more than one word in quotes to search for a precise phrase.


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