Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Following bugs are not fixed yet:

    VB-10368: Tab history is limited to 6 webpages after restart
    VB-13714: Wrong Speed Dial favicon after Vivaldi starts

    VB-12547: Summary: Find in Page cannot be closed


  • Add Fast Forward and Rewind to Quick Command and keyboard shortcut list (VB-13304)

    I fail to find the fast Forward in the Shortcuts?

    Any Chance to get Gestures (Rightclick - move right and/or Left click + right click) like in the "good old Opera 12.X past"?

    Options -> Mouse ist not showing anything You could make me sooo happy!

  • @JanS.:

    Add Fast Forward and Rewind to Quick Command and keyboard shortcut list (VB-13304)

    I fail to find the fast Forward in the Shortcuts?

    You can find it in the Keyboard cheat sheet (Ctrl+F1) or in Settings >Keyboard in the page section.

  • Do not use the current password manager. Its not safe. Its using the default method that comes with Chromium which has no encryption what so ever. The only browser where its safe to use as far as I know is Firefox as long as you use a master password (which acts as the encryption key).

    Without a master password, I do not suggest anyone to store passwords in their systems, because malware or anything else can read them and very easily actually. Chrome actually has the most insecure password manager, of all browsers, which is the one that Vivaldi is using.

    So unless they rewrite this or put encryption over it with a master password, I advise you not to use it and disable password saving on websites. Use something like KeePass which can auto log into websites.

    Storing passwords in plain in your computer is not safe.

  • Sounds therapeutic!

  • The "average user" seems to me like the "average family" that governments talk about; a statistical fiction who one never seems to meet in real life.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 Viv
    Not criticizing you just sympathizing with you…It's hell to be the only person with a certain problem isn't it ? A clean install fixed MANY of mine...(hint) have you tried that?

    If anyone was going to have problems it would be my old patched system but FINE in last builds.

  • Thank you very much Vivaldi team ❤

    I used to be a Opera user until they made the switch to chromium and killed off Presto (which was my favourite engine).
    As a Tux user I waited for over a year while mac and Windows got their fixes and builds.
    One their blog I asked if "Linux" support was dropped (got a hostile response from a few die-hard Opera users) 😛

    Anyway thanks for being transparent with us Tux users and keep up the brilliant work 🙂

  • Thanks for the fixes guys! And for your message of serving a better browser for the power user. I'll continue to promote Vivaldi to dissafected Firefox users who are unsatisfied with the way things are going with Firefox.

    And to be clear, I think that Chrome and Firefox aren't even serving average users that well to begin with. Opera 12 seems just as "easy" to use as any browser. Vivaldi seems just as easy to use as any other browser, and looks nicer too(Chrome is very ugly and outdated looking, IMO).

    I also think that you don't NEED to compromise on power users at all just to serve average users, and vice versa. I think Vivaldi and Opera 12 have always struck that perfect best of both worlds deal with users, especially Vivaldi.

    In Vivaldi, the UI looks super clean and neat and modern, but delve in further and find that power users will find their goldmine there to be used.

    I know Vivaldi hasn't implemented everything I want, and I've probably been kind of annoying about it, lol, but I'm sure they remember those things(tab cycling like O12, mouse cursor appears in fullscreen videos, etc.), but they're on their way to getting to the Final release, so they're focusing on making Vivaldi stable to use before adding many new features.

    I don't know if that means there won't really be many new features before the final, but so far we're looking at what'll shape up to be a great browser for the final, and I can't wait to see what features come after!

  • Yes, I have to echo the sentiment. In terms of the feedback loop, it's close to the polar opposite of what giant Google does with Chrome, where you get what you get and it feels mostly like feedback is ejected into space.

    BTW, a feature upgrade for the comment section here might be coloring the usernames of Vivaldi personnel so that their comments/answers jump out.

  • Personally, I tried out tab grouping in Pale Moon just for curiosity, and found that tab stacking in O12 and Vivaldi to be way better. It does the exact same thing as Tab Groups, but it's just easier to use. In Pale Moon, I was scratching my head for a few minutes trying to find where the rest of my tabs in the tab group went. Not the easiest thing to learn. It does the same thing as Vivaldi, only harder, less intuitive, and less efficient.

  • I could write a love letter with a thousand pages and it would still not be enough to describe how much I appreciate your decision!

    Instead, I'll play the illiterate and say "i wuv u!"

  • Moderator

    Dziękuję. Doceniam waszą pracę.
    48 poprawek. Tak trzymać. 🙂

    Błędy i sugestie opisałem w kilku postach na twitterze.
    Część z nich fajnie byłoby zobaczyć w 1.0

    Pozdrawiam 🙂

  • Right. Does anyone know if the server farm is fully set up yet?

  • Thanks Jon! I do notice some performance improvements needed, like the panel toggling animation, Quick Commands lag, going to a different tab while new tab is loading, adding a new tab lag, and so on. 🙂

  • Moderator

    To espen:
    A list of keyboard shortcuts is.
    A list of mouse gestures is.
    Missing a list of connection keys with touchpad (mouse) – [eg. "Ctrl + touchpad"] etc

    Password in settings/prefenences should be "**********"

  • Ok.. Found it.
    It was not visible when using german language,
    Now setting to english it is.
    Opend a bug for that.

    edit: setting a shortcut for fast forward and changing lanuage back to german made it appear. strange

  • Yes it does work as you thought, there is everything inside it, and our little hands are busy sifting through it to find a gem 🙂
    How do you expect that there have been more than 13600 bug reports 😛

  • Almost perfect… only missing:

    • Shortcut for individual pages in speed dial (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.) like Opera 12
    • Middel click in empty space of tabbar open a new tab.

  • Opera 12 and Vivaldi are like Pokemon games.: so easy to get into and understand its mechanics that anyone can use/play without any headache, but more experienced users/players will find a lot of depth the further they dwell into the mechanics!

    I too have been annoying when requesting features, and it's clear I won't be seeing most of my wanted features before Stable 1 releases. But that's alright, I know Vivaldi is listening, and eventually I will have those functions. For now, they already provide much more than all the current browsers out there can put out together, and that makes Vivaldi the best! And it's not even stable yet!

    Remember, Firefox: it's exactly because Opera kept stripping its browser of very feature that made it unique that almost all its users migrated to Vivaldi! Soon you'll have no average user to cater to anymore!

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