Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

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    They updated the underlying engine from Chromium 48 to Chromium 49. Every update of the underlying engine breaks tons of stuff. They should have most, if not all, of it fixed in the next snapshot.

  • There was this very useful feature in Opera - Ctrl + Shift +V to "Paste & Go". Could we have that, please? Also, the feature on an extension that I used very often - "Long press to open tab in background". Something similar would be welcome. Thanks for developing Vivaldi. Had been feeling a bit low after Opera moved from Gecko. Am hoping Vilvaldi will be everything that Opera was to me till version 12.16 - and more! Regards and have a good day.

  • Nope, the problem still persists with uBlock disabled. Interestingly, on the said website, if I turn on blocking of remote fonts, then it blocks the time-stamp "19, 2005" and the number of upvotes and downvotes as well. Whereas without blocking remote fonts, the apostrophe, period, quotes, and question mark in the definition are blocked.

  • Big +1 on that Ctrl+Shift+V (or Ctrl+D for those who were with Opera for a long time). The address bar input field could also be treat differently for Gesture Commands. I used to have gesture-right,gesture-down for paste and go in Opera. I miss that a lot.

  • Speaking of Stacked Tabs (a vital feature in my browsing life, and one I clung to Opera 12 for) the Vivaldi interface is a bit poor at it. Not to knock it too hard, but those little buttons along the top of the tab are a bit small for quick hitting. They sit in a very fine line between resize window and the active tab. Also, not saying "just do it how Opera did" but the little arrow to expand the group was a very nice interface. Perhaps we could have slightly bigger stack buttons, and also an "expand stack" button or something.

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