Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • As I said, people used tab grouping as session management and not as tab management, so comparing tab grouping and tab stacking doesn't make too much sense.

  • Nice! 😃

    • maximized option for videos fixed.
    • .64bit set as default on Windows 10 works just like any other (was an issue that i had not previously reported).
      But, most of all, i liked Ruari's post about not cutting back on features like Firefox and Opera have. Yes! Where's that thumbs up emoticon? 😎

  • You really should get into that "drag tab to detach it as a new window" business, seems to be very longed after feature and frankly, very handy. 🙂
    Quite sure you're already pondering about it, though.

  • Netflix is not working at all since last 3 snapshots. Now it's says is needed a browser like traditional ones (IE, Chrome, Opera….)

  • Please add ''search with…'' :roll:

  • Why not just make browser like Firefox? Fx is very polished, lot of great functions.

  • Sure that you just didn't see "Nächste Seite" as meaning "Fast Forward"?
    Other than that:
    I am still fighting with that translation, maybe I'll change it if i get the right idea - but "Schnellvorlauf" did not sound right to my co-translator and me, so we tried a different approach …

  • For me I can't even think about using vivaldi as primary until it has sync 😞

    I'm sure they're working hard on it though and will definitely be considering switching once it has it.

  • Volcano smoke is highly dangerous, and you can't breathe it in or you will be severely injured.

  • You have got to be joking 🙂

  • Could we get a list of commandline options in the help menu?

  • Sadly most software companies seem to set "the average" at entry level and forget that people might eventually learn a thing or two and such might want to have even more of the good stuff. While I love it if a thing is usable out of the box, I love it even more if there is something like a learning curve that allows me to go to the next level, after I got comfortable with the entry level and want to do more.

    PS: I've always wondered if the ¼ of tose average 2¼ children means that the average family shares one child with 3 other families. I wonder how that child feels …
    Just kidding.

  • Ayespy, couldn't you throw in a simple workaround for now that would allow people to upload their whole Vivaldi config/data to something like googledrive?

  • After the upgrade and start of vivaldi (which took 2 tries - crashed between) there was no such field.
    changing to english & restarting there was.
    When changing back "Nächste Seite" had appeared with the shortcut i entered.

  • Let's do a browser like IE.. Then we are really special!

  • THIS!

  • They are for sure but for now we have to live with the tab bar context menu to detach a tab into a new window. Just right-click on the tab you want to detach and you will see it. Additionally you can re-attach the tab to any open Vivaldi window - which is not that bad at all.

  • Blah don't do it! Those gestures caused so many problems for me!!!

  • Is there a way to clear the spatial navigation cursor?

  • Lol, I LOVE how you just compared Vivaldi and O12 to Pokemon! :lol:

    Yes, there are tons of features that I'm looking forward to, and I know a bunch aren't going to make it for the stable release. I think it's okay, because I'm hoping they'll come soon after, and Vivaldi is still going straight to development for the next version after finishing up with version 1.0. Whether it's 1.1 or 2.0, they'll go straight into it with new features I guess.

    What sort of features are you looking forward to that you would like to see in the near future?

    I guess the average user thing is almost arbitrary to a degree. I find Chrome super dumbed down compared to everything, and I don't even see why even average users would prefer that. I think browsers that make themselves more useful are also useful for casual use as well. I was once a user of just Chrome and Firefox before finding out about new Opera and then Vivaldi. When I first found out about Vivaldi, I found things about the browser that I had no idea I wanted, and so I think average users want something that's out of their way yes, but also something that's useful, not super dumbed down and inefficient, like what Google is trying to do. I think tons of people will try Vivaldi and never know they needed it. We just have to make them try it.

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