Add a choice when making Vivaldi thumbnails

  • Due to a recent change in YouTube layout, which probably changed the timing, YouTube thumbnails appear as black screen instead of a video preview image (the problem is described here:).

    Maybe in this case it would be reasonable to add a choice when making thumbnails?:

      1. Vivaldi makes a screenshot of the whole page (as it does now)
      1. (new feature; Similar to Opera): Vivaldi takes the first found image as a thumbnail (in this case, it would be YouTube video thumbnail).

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    @SakuraAyumi Great first feature request! I've always disliked how the thumbnails look so I use custom ones. I would love to have more options! Which version of Opera had this feature the current chromium one or Opera 12?

  • @sirfredrick Chromium version, of course πŸ™‚

    1. Site icons as thumbnails

    alt text

  • @Stardust Also a good variant πŸ˜‰

    By the way, number 2, which I proposed earlier, should also have 'refresh all' support. In this case, it would be comfortable to bulk refresh thumbnails.

    Basically, I see it as when I press f5 to bulk refresh thumbnails, it asks, which option for refresh I prefer more and then it creates thumbnails in 'VivaldiThumbnails' folder according to the selected option.

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    @SakuraAyumi Hi, Thanks for your feature request.

    This looks like a duplicate of Please vote for that instead, thank you.

    If you want to make a feature request, please use the search first to see if you can find similar requests.

  • @LonM Unfortunately, you are a bit wrong.

    The feature proposed by me is different from that feature in a way that I also proposed to use automatic thumbnail detection, which could be used when I have a bulk of thumbnails to refresh (in Opera, manually creating thumbnails for several hundred favorite YT videos is not really fun 😏)

    As I wrote before, basically, I see it as when I press f5 to bulk refresh thumbnails, it asks, which option for refresh I prefer more and then it creates thumbnails in 'VivaldiThumbnails' folder according to the selected option.

    That is why my topic could not be considered a duplicate. It is just too different from manual Opera-like thumbnail creation.

    I hope that I explained everything in an understandable form πŸ˜‰

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    @SakuraAyumi I understand better now - Your request is about the default method Vivaldi should use pick a thumbnail.

    The request are related, but you are correct that they are different.

  • @LonM Yes, you understood me right πŸ™‚

    So, it should be like an addition to the default method with a choice of which method to use: the first one (the standard one for Vivaldi now) or the second one (the feature I proposed above). The choice could be set in Vivaldi options (with additional check mark 'ask every time when creating thumbnails').

  • I also wanted to ask, which solution could Vivaldi community recommend me as a temporary measure before the feature described by me will be implemented?

    The problem is that I have A LOT of videos in my bookmarks that need to have thumbnails in order to make my search faster.

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    @SakuraAyumi The usual way is to

    1. Save an image
    2. Set it as the thumbnail

    But if, as you say, you have many, I'm not sure if there is an easy solution right now.

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    @SakuraAyumi If you're using Windows

    • Install FastStone Capture (the free version 5.3 should do all that you need)
    • Set up the Fixed Region Size to 440 x 360 pixels, which is the recommended size for Speed Dial Thumbnails
    • Play the Video
    • Hit the shortcut to capture a Fixed Region (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+PrintScreen in my case)
    • Move the capture frame to the desired area
    • Save it in your Vivaldi installation folder
    • Bookmark the video and select the custom thumbnail.

    So, basically, what LonM said, but with a simple and surprisingly quick method to capture thumbnails.

  • @Pesala Actually, there is an easier way to do this:

    The problem is that I have to check EACH video (I have several hundreds of them οΌΌ(ΒΊ β–‘ ΒΊ l|l)/) before assigning a thumbnail to it. Earlier, Vivaldi was able to create YouTube thumbnails automatically by pressing 'f5' but now this function no longer exists.

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