Built-in High Level Monitoring Tool (Differential Monitoring)

  • I see that Vivaldi is qualified as an intensive user browser. An intensive user (as all users too) should be interested to use an automatic web page reader. This is useful for managing a lot of pages and following their updating. A page web monitoring tool can do that for you : RSS Feed Reader would be a part of this tool, but a more general one, useful for all sites even those which don't have RSS, could be a differential monitoring for pages.

    It reads the page according to a set period, and detects which text is different between the last reading and the new one. Then it shows you differences highlighting them. Example :


    • It lets you browse without looking each time if your favorite sites have new information
    • Highlighting differences lets you read quickly only the useful text into the web page
    • You can set the reading frequency (an hour, a month....) and the numbers of characters (100 html characters have changed, then alert...) when the tool alerts you, so you can manage the most interesting web page each day, each little change, but you can also keep a view to page less interesting for you but still interesting instead of forgetting it.

    Even if extension exists, like updatescanner into firefox extensions (which I like the simplicity and the web page partitioning, it lacks exclude areas) or into Chrome extension set, Distill web monitor, I think strongly that, if this feature is built-in, a lot of users would discover how is a modern and intensive way of browsing, staying informed without sinking into information streams.

  • There was a feature like this back in one of the old Internet explorer browsers called "Web slices". It never really took off, which is unfortunate as this seems like a really neat "Web 2.0" alternative to rss feeds.

  • @LonM
    I didn't know this web slice from Microsoft, but a general format is probably superfluous, it is just charater differences between two html codes and a light graphical solution to show them.

    The both modern extensions which I mentionned are now or still popular. And once you know one of them and try one of them, you understand how you lost your time before using monitoring : you use fully your computer as an automatic machine.

    The monitoring can be seen as an information sorter.

  • Whatever it's called, I like the idea. Why not go full out on this, would really add to the browser.


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