RSS and Atom reader

  • see Newsfox: essentially M2 or Smart RSS functionality with middle click on article list to open in new tab (or enter to open all selected in new tabs)

  • I'd would like one with images like brief

  • Also, to be able to open in background tab. The biggest issue I have with separate RSS readers is losing focus on the reader with every tab I open. My workflow is to open a lot of tabs from my RSS feeds first and then go read them. That means I'm constantly clicking back and forth from the reader to the browser and back.

  • I'm guessing this will be part of the integrated mail client. But if it won't (of if that's too far out), I could live with an RSS panel with dynamic settings in the sidebar (and an accompanying symbol in the address bar automatically recognizing feeds so I only need to click to add them, like old Opera).

  • I liked M2's 3-column layout.

    Having used M2's integration of both mail and RSS, I would much prefer to keep the mail and feeds separate.

    A side panel would be nice, for example, to list feed items, when clicked on they open the feed item in a new tab. (Ideally, each subsequent click of a panel feed item opens the full feed item in this same tab , without spawning tons of new ones).

    For my needs, I don't really care about seeing a list of subscribed feeds, so 2 columns is enough.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @lonm Yes, a dedicated panel type this extension RSS Feed Reader would be perfect for my use.
    alt text

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