Add "Save link as..." Mouse Gesture and Hotkey

  • Hi,

    Some Pages, e.g. for Banking, make you download lots of PDFs. In order not to show them but save them instead, you have to right-click on the link, move down and select "Save link as...". My wish is to have easy access to "Save link as ...":

    • have a modifier key like "Shift" to make "Shift-Click on link" perform a "Save link as ..." action
    • have a mouse gesture to perform "Save link as ..."


  • - Ambassador -

    @kay_d As a work around while you're waiting, you may find it much quicker to use mouse + keyboard, i.e. right-click, k.

    0_1542965643081_Save Link As.png

    A Links Panel would also be helpful when downloading a lot of files from a single page.

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