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    As in Opera 12.18 to list all of the links on the current web page.

  • @Pesala

    That is a good idea.

    Would it be possible or make sense to add a download functionality in that Panel?
    For example: You can select multiple items (links) like images or PDF files and download them all at once in the same folder.

    Or you can download a link (website) until a selectable link debth. This way one could download an online article including the sub-links.

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    @Martin-Storch That's how it currently works in Opera 12.18 so I would expect to be able to make multiple selections in the proposed Links Panel with Ctrl+Click and Ctrl+Shift+Click, then open them all from the context menu.

    • If the links are to downloads, then the files are downloaded.
    • If the links are to web pages then new tabs are opened for each link

    0_1545424444042_Open Multiple Links.png

  • @Pesala Links Panel is the only reason I keep an old opera 12 running - I would really appreciate a link panel in Vivaldi. I'm sure the Vivaldi team would rethink the functionality and design of a links panel to let their users benefit even more from this.

    I use the links panel to get a quick overview of "every" interactive part of a web page. Links panel "simply" reorganize the content of any given web page and let me pick the most important parts. I can sort any (linked) contents in several ways which make different/several operations much quicker than using the layout of the original web page.
    Simply put - I just get my work done faster with Links Panel - which in it self should bring this feature closer to implementation as a core part of the Vivaldi-DNA is to help us to browse the web painlessly and smarter 🙂

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    @fjolle Also check out "Manage Links," in Opera 12.18.

    If you don't already have a shortcut for it, add one in Preferences.

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