"Seamless browsing experience" aka. realtime tabs syncing with PC

  • My biggest dream of a mobile web browser is being able to instantly get my phone and keep browsing what I was browsing on the PC. To make this experience feel "right" I DON'T want it to be just "list of tabs opened on another instance" available as read-only, separated from actual tabs list (like Opera does/did AFAIR).

    I'd like list of tabs (to keep it simple - of selected window if multiple are opened) from PC become list of tabs on mobile. And when I'm done with some of tabs and I close it - I don't want them being open anymore on PC. And when I'll open something on mobile - I can just leave it there and when I'll get to my PC - it will be there opened, waiting for me.

    AFAIK no browser can currently do that, although most offers some kind of sync. This would be a killer feature. Beware, other browsers!

  • I agree partly - I would love this seamingless browing experince too.
    My only concern is that I often have dozens of tabs open in my PC, whereas anything above a dozen is often quite hard to navigate through on a mobile browser.

    Having some sort of "show/hide this tab on mobile" option, or syncing only the tabs on a specific window or tab group would be a must for me to take advantage of such a feature...

  • Hi, you can already between different systems with sync.
    There is a cloud in the top bar show open tabs on other system.
    You can open single tabs or all if you want.
    I donยดt want the same tabs open on every system always.

    Cheers, mib

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    @jacekn For me, if they implement sync for mobile the exact same way it is now (which is, you can see which tabs you had open on your last session in different computers) on a little cloud, I'm good to go

  • @pauloaguia: As i wrote - to keep it simple - [i'd like list of tabs] of selected window if multiple are opened ๐Ÿ™‚ So on mobile I'd be able to select which window session I want to browse (and change), so there would be no need to be overhelmed by tabs.

    @mib2berlin: I know, but I don't sync more than one PC.

    Expanding my idea a little bit for people worried about always-same-tabs-everywhere:

    We could have some kind of "cloud windows" of tabs. And you can open that cloud window on PC, do some browsing, keep it open or even close it - it will stay on the cloud. You can open that window on mobile (it'd replace all the "local" tabs on mobile for a while), keep browsing, switch to another "cloud window" or get back to your "local" tabs list (which works just as it work now with PC - you can still access the list, but without "live syncing" the state of tabs).

    I hope this sounds better to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @jacekn said in "Seamless browsing experience" aka. realtime tabs syncing with PC:

    some kind of "cloud windows" of tabs.

    Indeed this is a better idea, but I doubt that team Vivaldi will need way too many resources for this. And there are chances of "abuse" of this feature, in which u open tabs and just forget about them.... they will carry the space there always hanging around.... and ther will be this duration issues, that for how long they stay on the cloud, it may also pose a privacy and/or security related issue to some users.

    I am not criticizing, just looking at downsides.

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    @yashpalgoyal1304 After thinking a bit about this idea, we could possibly have this "cloud session" that saves the tabs that we had opened last time we used Vivaldi Desktop OR a selection of tabs and, the next time the user opens Vivaldi with his/her account, he/she would be presented with the list of tabs saved from the previous session and choose which ones to open at that moment, discarding the remaining. this way, we can share the tabs we need between desktop and mobile and, if we want to save all tabs for later usage, we can always save them as session


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