Permit shrinking extension popup windows below the current minimum width

  • Would you please reduce the minimum width of extension-created popup windows? I understand you may be concerned about extensions making themselves invisible, but a minimum width of, e.g., 128, or 10% of the screen width, would prevent that while still giving me more flexibility in how I arrange my screen. Thanks for considering this request!

    Context and example: I am developing TabFern, a tab-management extension that runs primarily in a single popup window. It was developed on Chrome and works fairly well on Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 (Stable) (32-bit). However, I am unable to make the extension popup narrower than 516 pixels (on a 1920px-wide display => ~26% of the width). This is true whether I drag the window or whether I use example, from the developer console opened on the TabFern popup:

    <- undefined
       undefined         VM298:1               (the lastError --- it reported success)
       516               VM298:1               (the width - still what it was)

    (Apologies if this is a duplicate - this thread is the closest I could find.)

  • A popup window is a popup window, no matter if an extension or a website creates it. And the extension isn't really useful on Vivaldi, because it should take advantage of the panel. See: Tree Tabs.


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