Vivaldi Mobile: Address Bar at Bottom

  • Obviously, Vivaldi mobile browser is not released yet but I heard that you guys are working on it and I would like to request one feature even before its out.

    Give us the option to have the address bar/controls at the bottom of the screen.

    It's one thing that I miss from Windows Phone...When I switched to Android nothing made sense to me (layout wise).
    Windows Phone was so much more one hand friendly.

    Having address bar at the top of the screen on mobile browser makes no sense to me what so ever...It's like they are just duplicating desktop layout and not even thinking about of ease of use.

  • Jumping the gun a bit here, but I totally agree. 😁

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @longlife I was a Windows Phone user aswell, and yes I understand this request. (My previous phone broke for good, now using android). I look forward for Vivaldi mobile !! (and vivaldi os, vivaldibooks, .... )

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