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    Now that the wonderful "Window Background Image" has been released, would it be possible to have it applied to the entire header of Vivaldi? (I mean stretched to the personal bar as well)

    The purpose isn't to make a copy/paste of Firefox Personas's feature but, to be honest, it was more interesting visually because we were able to have real images as a theme for the browser so it might be a good source of inspiration.
    It's just that applying an image for the tab bar is quite tiny so, apart from gradients, color spectrum or patterns, only a few interesting images can be applied to fit the tab bar size.

    I know you might think users can sometimes behave like kids. You give them something fantastic and... it's not enough; they just received a present and they ask for more 😉 Grrrrr, childish users... :-)))

    Anyway, thank you very much to the team for the last Vivaldi update.

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    I think there might be something to this idea idea . I did a little experimenting to try it out, and it doesn't look bad (I tried it using the speed dial image instead of the header though):


    I basically changed some of the theme variables to use their alpha transparent counterpart, and applied the image to the background of the browser rather than the header, and I think it turns out quite nice.

    Considerations of course are for text readability, which would be completely unsuitable for some users. Also, that I'm not a designer alien, and there's probably far nicer ways to implement it. It turned out quite similar to Microsoft Acrylic which I quite like.

  • I like the idea, but as sub-option.
    Images are quite good to be extended there, but patterns and texture pretty sure aren't for text readability as said above, ah and tnx @LonM for the vivaldi:// hidden page, never saw that wizard
    Acrylic is a good mash-up between the ol' good Aero and the ugly Modern UI. I like it too 😛

  • @lonm As usual, you are amazingly fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing this. flirt

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