Themes: Own Start Page Images and Window Backgrounds Images

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    Add the option to choose your own background images in the Themes.

    For example: If I have selected a color combination of red and blue, so I want image on background with a red boat at blue sea. And in another theme with color combination of orange and dark blue, I want a background of a sunset on the savanna.

    Simple, color themes match with the color of the background image.

    After implementation of custom Window Background, @AltCode requested possibility to "Attach window background images to themes". So I updated the Title of this request because, his request was tagged as Duplicate.

  • Given the new Window Background Images introduced in this last run of snapshots, it would be useful to allow these to be scheduled as part of themes as well as start page images.

  • Moderator

    @lonm Yes, this is also on the plan. I talked about this with Henrik, but who knows when it will be... πŸ˜”

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