Save Zoom Level for Each Domain

  • Hi!
    I've noticed that Vivaldi saves the zoom level in a tab as long as this tab is open. When it is closed and opened again (not via Ctrl+Shift+T), the zoom level is back to default. I think it should not be this way, but instead the zoom level should be saved on a domain basis and applied every time a domain is visited.

  • @c7222da4 Actually I would like to add more to this. If I have 2+ tabs from the same domain name opened, the zoom level is applied to the currently active one but not another. I can agree that sometimes it is preferrable, however, a toggle would be nice.

  • @c7222da4 could you elaborate how this is different from behaviour when
    vivaldi://settings/webpages/Default Webpage ZoomUse Tab Zoom
    is disabled (Chrome mode)?

    Consistent state after changing this setting may require a browser restart.

    Having per tab as default and an option to retain site zoom might be a way to go forward:

    • use tab zoom until user decides to save level to site zoom (Chrome)
    • always use (initial) level set in Chrome site zoom (do not clear if tab zoom is enabled)

  • Or Settings > Webpages > unchecked Use Tab Zoom.

  • Thanks.

    Settings: Webpages: Use Tab Zoom

    does retain Vivaldi's Zoom memory level for each domain (website), better yet for each individual sub-domain too.


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