Wiki / Sticky plea to V Forum Devs / Mods.

  • Please please PLEASE, introduce Forum Wikis, or otherwise Sticky Admin posts that sit at the top of the forum page & cannot be hidden by any ordinary user, wherein stuff like "playing videos in V" reside.

    I have just read the 42-gazillionth post from yet another noob who, like so many of them, seem to believe any, some or all of these:

    1. There is no Search tool in this forum.
    2. They are too smart/dumb/leftwing/rightwing/whatever to bother actually using Search.
    3. Their problem with videos is unique & is positively the first time ever that any sentient being on the planet in this or any other universe has experienced such difficulty so of course there'd be no point wasting their precious time bothering to do something so plebeian as using Search.

    My conservative & not even slightly sarcastic [albeit highly culturally referential, wink] estimate is that with this proposed forum improvement the total forum duplicate / superfluous post count would likely drop by (2^{276,709} [& falling] 😉

    If the Devs / Mods could do this, they'd have a real Heart of Gold. Many of us would probably be infinitely grateful 😉

  • @steffie You mean like the sticky post in the Linux forum 🙂
    So we need similar posts in Windows, Mac and All Platforms fora/forums?

  • Holy Zarquon you're up late.

    OK, i was insufficiently explanatory. Having given this problem Deep Thought, i amend my initial request with:

    1. Mandatory presence of hitherto-described Wikis, on every V forum page, containing purely instructional/procedural content, NOT containing/allowing any user discussion or war-stories.
    2. Mandatory requirement of all noobs to read these prior to posting another "why won't my videos work in V when they work perfectly in 42 other web browsers?" query.
    3. Interactive forum algorithms that check said posts against the Wikis & note all instances of redundancy.
    4. Implementation of sliding scale punishments for infractions, beginning with sarcasm, rising through obligatory Vogon poetry, culminating in IoT-facilitated electrocution of ex-noob [beautiful plumage notwithstanding], reformat of ex-noob's hdd/ssd, irreversible frying of ex-noob's MoB, & [purely for public exemplary purposes] targeted nuclear vaporisation of ex-noob's residence.

    Think of it as a distinctly Vivaldianesque implementation of the Darwin Awards. Also as a one-up on earlier innovation of V interacting with Philips Hue. Call that an innovation?; this is an innovation... 😉

  • @steffie
    Holy purple prose,
    puzzling my parietal lobe. 😛

  • @cantankrus Clue: Whilst founded on a serious concern, this thread also doubles as a meta-message, which likely will not be visible to many readers, but will be to some...

  • Moderator

    I have a heart of ice.

    It is no use creating sticky threads for particular issues just because some new users don't search before posting, or they do search but they don't search for the right terms.

    Every day I move a few bug reports from the feature requests and mark a couple of duplicates.

    To save your time and lower your blood-pressure, create some informative notes with links to the relevant topics. Then it takes only a few seconds to reply.

    Welcome! Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

  • @pesala said in Wiki / Sticky plea to V Forum Devs / Mods.:

    I have a heart of ice.

    Not only you; me too quite often nowadays, but it didn't used to be so. It gradually froze with despair & exasperation over the past couple of years at noobs who behave as i have satirised here.

    only a few seconds to reply

    ...aaahhh, but that's the thing. I've become so utterly turned off by lazy noobs / so disenchanted by reading basically similar complaints over & over & over that frequently now i choose not to even try to help them. I used to want to help, when i was younger & less cynical [oh now that's a lie, i have always been cynical], but so many noobs seem to have not lifted a finger first to try to help themselves.

    It's not pathetic to be confused or naive, but it is pathetic to be lazy.

  • It's not pathetic to be confused or naive, but it is pathetic to be lazy.

    Hell no. Laziness is the ultimate virtue for every programmer.

    Keep in mind, some of these new community members may be using a forum for the first time in their life. While I understand and share the frustration of all the duplicates, in general you cannot judge if that is laziness or something else. Every once in a while you get the "I did not bother to search but ..." posts. Those are the worst for me.

    I used to want to help, when i was younger

    In my experience most people grow more patient as they become older, it certainly holds for me.

    & less cynical

    Yeah right. I have read enough posts of you to not buy that at all 😉

  • I’d say that a better solution is to have the forum automatically search for related posts as you type your question (with a fuzzy logic to include synonyms).

  • @dantesoft The forum search right now is pretty terrible as far as i'm concerned. If I do a search for tab stack in the feature requests subforum, it brings up as one possible result this post which does not contain the word stack anywhere in it.

    If the search function isn't up to scratch, we can't place all the blame on the new users not finding things properly.

  • Moderator

    @lonm It will find posts with "tab" or "stack"

    Search for stack

  • @pesala That is not intuitive. Any other search engine (duckduckgo, google, bing) will attempt to match all of the inputs you give.

    In order to get this AND-like behaviour, you need to wrap the search term in quotes, like this, but other search engines use "quoted search terms" to mean find this exact match.

  • Moderator

    @lonm There's nothing intuitive about either method. Users always assume some behaviour based on their prior experience.

    It's just like riding a bike

  • @pesala Perhaps "intuitive" was the wrong choice of words. But that doesn't change the fact that even if new users coming to the forum try to use search, they may struggle to use it effectively if it acts in a away that they do not expect (and if they are new, that expectation is likely built off of web search engines).

    I do not know of anywhere that the syntax of searching on this forum is explained, there are certainly no links to such documentation on the search page. The advanced search drop-down helps a little, but even that doesn't offer an explanation of how the boolean operators are in use.


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