Support gestures on touchscreen

  • I have notebook with Windows 10 & touchscreen.

    But gestures are available only on mouse / trackpoint / touchpad.
    I'd like to utilize hardware capabilities.

  • There are no Touch friendly browsers available and with the number of Windows 10 tablets/convertibles in use now it seems an obvious gap in the market. Swipe left/right for forward/back,pinch support and larger finger friendly targets would be a start.

  • I was surprised when I figured out that I can't use gestures with touchscreen...

  • @rotfl hi, I'm really surprised by the same thing... is there any development in this topic? is it already among requested features? could anybody explain to me why is it not working by default - whats the technical glitch? thanks!

  • Moderator

    @mattea The technical glitch is that the Vivaldi UI is not a Chrome/Chromium interface. It is its own entity, programmed completely differently from Chromium (It's what makes all of the Vivaldi features and options possible). And every time the Vivaldi developers get touch/stylus interfaces working better, Chromium changes something to break it again.


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