Support gestures on touchscreen

  • I have notebook with Windows 10 & touchscreen.

    But gestures are available only on mouse / trackpoint / touchpad.
    I'd like to utilize hardware capabilities.

  • There are no Touch friendly browsers available and with the number of Windows 10 tablets/convertibles in use now it seems an obvious gap in the market. Swipe left/right for forward/back,pinch support and larger finger friendly targets would be a start.

  • I was surprised when I figured out that I can't use gestures with touchscreen...

  • @rotfl hi, I'm really surprised by the same thing... is there any development in this topic? is it already among requested features? could anybody explain to me why is it not working by default - whats the technical glitch? thanks!

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    @mattea The technical glitch is that the Vivaldi UI is not a Chrome/Chromium interface. It is its own entity, programmed completely differently from Chromium (It's what makes all of the Vivaldi features and options possible). And every time the Vivaldi developers get touch/stylus interfaces working better, Chromium changes something to break it again.

  • Definitely want some kind of touch gestures. If I could have all my mouse left click commands available to swipe, I know I'd have futuristic control over my browsing... I'm looking into hardware hacks to see if I can fool vivaldi, but no luck yet. If I could make the hardware thing a two finger swipe is a left click swipe or something I think I could get the swipe commands to work.

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    @Ayespy That's really google playing Bad. I am finding more and more reasons to hate google daily.....
    Just as a matter of hope, there have to have some solution or workaround to get above the dependency I think.....

  • @yashpalgoyal1304 Oh come on, that's really not fair. No browser is being forced to use Chromium. The chromium team can and should make changes as they see fit to drive forward development. It's Vivaldi's responsibility to fix whatever breaks on update, but this downside is outweighed by the advantage to have access to a free and open source rendering engine.

    If you don't like the fact Vivaldi is based on Chromium – a Google project, it's probably time to switch to Firefox – an open source browser with its own rendering engine.

  • Would really like to see some progress on this one!
    Right now Vivaldi is useless on my Lenovo Yoga in tablet mode. Which is really sad...
    We need some handy feature for navigating fullscreen by touch.

  • @aBjelke
    And when you think it can't get any weirder:

    • Opera NEON Concept (Discontinued) has the most pleasing swipe support I've ever seen
    • Opera Beta, Developer won't even think of providing that feature
    • Even on Android iOS NOT working
    • MS Edge does it
    • Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera: Just do it!

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    @luetage I dont think that they do it to drive development forward. Otherwise edge developers won't be complaining that youtube got changed just after the stats showed that edge is giving better battery life while playing videos. Agree or not, google isssss.... (i won't say any titles).

    and as u have said that switch to firefox, yeah thats very good suggestion of u. My mind didn't considered that. Many thanks.


  • Was missing that feature for a while now. Found a software to do touchscreen gestures. Not only in Vivaldi but everywhere on Windows.
    It's called GestureSign

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