TouchPad Gestures for History Navigation

  • Two finger TouchPad gesture for history back navigation and history forward navigation. Basically what the mouse gestures do but allow for two finger support to activate it instead of the alt key or right clicking.

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    @chriscochrun Personally I pretty much never use TouchPad cough hate it cough (sometimes I even carry 2 mouses in case one fails). But this seems a great idea and a logical one too.

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    Actually, I already use the two fingers for scrolling (sometimes even when I have the mouse around, just so I don't have to move my hands away from the keyboard).
    But I agree it would be nice to have some sort of gesture support in the touchpad too...

  • Are you this isn't already included? In macOS this feature already exists, so it might be the same case for Windows/Linux.

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    @pauloaguia said in TouchPad gesture:

    I already use the two fingers for scrolling

    Spacebar also works for that. Just make sure focus is on the proper part of the page.

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    @greybeard said in TouchPad gesture:

    Spacebar also works for that. Just make sure focus is on the proper part of the page.

    Spacebar doesn't scroll back up 😉 (although Shift + Spacebar does, but it's not as direct as just using the touchpad) nor is it as sensitive as the touchpad - the space bar just scrolls in big chunks at a time; nor do I have to focus it on particular spots in the page.

    Anyway, I already learned from this topic, after reading @AltCode 's message and rereading @chriscochrun 's again that there is a setting to enable touchpad gestures by pressing the Alt key. I guess that could work as a workaround, especially considering simple 2 finger (and even 3 finger) gestures are already assigned (assignable?) in most modern systems these days...

  • @pauloaguia
    Hi, do you work on a Laptop?
    For me scrolling with two finger and history back with rocker gesture are working.
    Rocker is right and left touch button, right fist then left.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin
    Yes, I work on a laptop a lot. And while the alt gestures and rocker gestures work, they aren't that great for laptop users that use the touchpad a lot. I use it alot because Windows's touchpad gesutres have greatly improved recently and I like it's power, but when I use Vivaldi, the touchpad falls short of Chrome or Edge. And I think it could be hacked and I've used the Swipe Gestures extension that says it adds OSX style gestures to chrome in windows, but it's clunky and not pretty at all.

    It'd be great to have an actual animation that makes it clear you are navigating back and forth, much like Edge or Chrome's animation that makes this clear.

    Anyway, thought it'd be a good addition. 🙂

  • I agree. I've been using Edge and Brave and both have great support for swiping "back" with two fingers. It's a feature that's hard to forgo once you're used to it. Brave gets this ability from Chromium, and it really needs to come to Vivaldi too.

  • Let me also say that in addition to back/forward navigation using two-finger touchpad gestures, Vivaldi also needs to implement smooth zoom in/out with touchpad pinch. Vivaldi lags behind other browsers (Edge, Chrome) in touchpad gesture support. Would love to see improvement in this area! For this reason, I have a harder time switching to Vivaldi when using a laptop. (Btw, this puzzles me, because this function seems to be part of Chromium--hence Brave has very good touchpad gesture support. So why hasn't Vivaldi gotten it "automatically"? I'm no developer so I guess I just don't understand how it all works.)

  • @altcode You're saying that on a MacBook, for example, you can already navigate back by swiping the touchpad?

  • @fuller1754 Pretty much. This has been possible in macOS since before version 1.0 of Vivaldi.

  • After looking more, there is a flag called #overscroll-history-navigation, but it doesn't do anything or change anything.

    Could this be officially supported anytime soon? It'd be right in line with Vivaldi's catering toward powerusers. It's just that some powerusers sometimes need to use laptops, and it'd be nice to have support for those.

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    This function works exactly as described in Chrome. Not sure how and why this was lost along the way...

  • Wow, a year later and here we are, still no support for such a simple function that was already in Chromium

  • If you're at it, also add a 3-finger-gesture that lets you switch between tabs.

  • @jnss98b said in TouchPad Gestures for History Navigation:

    Wow, a year later and here we are, still no support for such a simple function that was already in Chromium

    I also absolutely cannot understand that such a basic function is still not supported in Vivaldi.

    That's the main reason why I don't use the browser at the moment and still have Chrome in use.

  • Now a few months have passed again, has anything changed in the meantime, or is support for this basic function also in Vivaldi planned for the near future?

    I really think it's a pity, because this lack of support is not only preventing me from using Vivaldi on my laptop.

  • There must be a workaround to this, can someone share it?

  • Vivaldi Team - statement plz? Vivaldi is such a good browser, but why ist this basic feature missing in 2020?

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