Add Chrome-Like URL Completion & Quicksearch

  • As seen below, one is able to type in the URL and press tab. The URL then auto completes and you are able to quick search on that site without programming a search engine.


  • Isn't it a bit redundant with the "nickname" functionality?

    You can already set a "nickname" for a search engine: let's say "y" for yahoo (but you can use "ya" if you want instead).
    Once the nickname is entered, a simple hit on "space" is enough to trigger a search on this engine. So the main difference with your example is the hit of "space" instead of "tab".

    Maybe an other solution would be to display the same kind of pop-up than your gif, but when the letters of the nickname have been entered?
    It would then say "Press [space] to search (...)" instead of "Press [tab] (...)" .

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