Add Chrome-Like URL Completion & Quicksearch

  • As seen below, one is able to type in the URL and press tab. The URL then auto completes and you are able to quick search on that site without programming a search engine.


  • Isn't it a bit redundant with the "nickname" functionality?

    You can already set a "nickname" for a search engine: let's say "y" for yahoo (but you can use "ya" if you want instead).
    Once the nickname is entered, a simple hit on "space" is enough to trigger a search on this engine. So the main difference with your example is the hit of "space" instead of "tab".

    Maybe an other solution would be to display the same kind of pop-up than your gif, but when the letters of the nickname have been entered?
    It would then say "Press [space] to search (...)" instead of "Press [tab] (...)" .

  • Re: Tab to Search


    I love Vivaldi so far. The only thing that's tough for me when moving from Chrome is the search features. Chrome's search is one of the only few things that I think Chrome does better.

    Looks like similar requests have been made, but I'd like to describe it in details.

    In Chrome, users have the same set of search features as in Vivaldi. Add a YouTube search to your custom search engines and use a keyword "y" to search YouTube for any string by typing in the URL field, e.g.

    But it also solves:

    1. Chrome automatically adds websites as search engines. No manual addition needed.
    2. Chrome also utilizes website URLs as keywords. Together with URL auto-complete, no keyword memorization needed.
    3. Because of #1 and #2, IT CAN SCALE to a lot of websites. I have > 100 websites added by Chrome, while < 10 added manually.

    The workflow:

    • You have a fresh chrome install
    • You go to a website (e.g. and search on its search box
    • Chrome automatically adds the website to its search engine (with keyword '').
    • Next time, when you type '' in the address bar, you can press Tab or Space to search.
    • Thanks to URL auto-complete, when you type 'you', or possibly 'y', it'll show the auto-complete '', and all you have to do is press Tab to search on Youtube.


    • Type 'y' 2_1529662950275_Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.41.57 AM.png
    • Press 'Tab' 1_1529662950275_Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.42.15 AM.png
    • Type 'test' 0_1529662950274_Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.42.28 AM.png

  • This has been one of the main things preventing me to switch browsers for some time.
    chrome is just more convenient, especially about small things like this, so I always end up using it...

    If you simply use search on a website a few times, the URL pattern seems to be automatically recognised and added as a search engine automatically!

    I would definitely love seeing this in Vivaldi :)

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    @namhoang said

    Chrome automatically adds websites as search engines.

    I assume that is optional. I would hate it.

  • This is the only missing feature that is preventing me from switching to Vivaldi.

    I loved using search nicks before chrome introduced tab to search. It feels way more intuitive than search nicks to me. Good thing is that both features could still coexist. Chrome also allows for a hybrid mode of nick based and url+tab based searches.

    Automatically created search entries in chrome are the cherry on top. It allows quickly searching on sites that are less frequently visited. I just checked and probably have a list of 200 sites that were automatically added in Chrome. However that never bothered me since each search is tied to a specific url. Chrome differentiates between 'default' search engines and 'other' search engines in their settings. The latter being the automatically generated ones, while the former are usually the ones you regularly use and have manually defined.

  • This is one of the features that Chrome is proud of, so it's not called the address bar, it's named Omnibox.

    This is a rare idea for Chrome.

    Even if Vivaldi doesn't imitate, there's no need to post a bad review.

  • There's privacy concerns regarding this, I don't want Vivaldi to add search engines without my consent nor have any sort of history on them (like Chrome does).

  • @kobi I wouldn't mind it, as an option providing that there were heuristics, such as if I re-visit the site multiple times.

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    @lonm said in Add Chrome-Like URL Completion & Quicksearch:

    as an option

    Agree, possibly, as long as it does not go though google servers.

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