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  • Hi folks,
    I was wondering if "Tab to search" feature will be supported any time.
    It's included in Chromium and I find it very useful.

    It has been requested time ago here: Tab searching

    The given answer is about using keyword in the search bar, but IMHO it's a different feature.

    I use that for most used website I search in, but for others, it would be useful not to have to add another keyword for search engines for a sporadic usage.

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    @nzambello said in Tab to search:

    it would be useful to have not to add another keyword for search engines for a sporadic usage

    You could always try using duck duck go. It has things called "bangs" which I find quite useful:

    As for chrome's press tab to search, this could be useful but first requires the site to have met one of the conditions laid out here:

    So either the site has to have made an OpenSearch description document, or you have to have visited the site before.

    That said, I think Vivaldi should maintain feature parity with chrome as much as possible, so this should definitely be added as a feature.

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    @nzambello Since I have never used Chrome, I am not sure how this feature works, but if you enable the Search field on the Address Bar you can press the tab key to focus it from the URL field.

  • I also find this chrome feature very useful, as I do not need to use the address bar and search bar separately, which is very convenient (in general I prefer to disable my search bar).

    When typing into the address bar the suggestions appear and as soon as a domain which has a registered search pattern (registered as a search engine) is focused, pressing tab goes into the "search domain" mode.

    This completely eliminates the need of a search bar. Once you get used to the feature it's difficult to just forget about it...

    tab search modet

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    This feature has already been requested, so I closed this thread as a duplicate & moved it to the archive, as we try to keep only one thread per request. You can find the previous request here: Add Chrome-Like URL Completion & Quicksearch.

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