Cloud Synchronization of Multiple Vivaldi Instances

  • Hi,

    I would like to see a possibility to synchronize the

    • Bookmarks
    • Browser Tabs/Sessions
    • Plugin information
    • Passwords (maybe?)
    • Configuration
    • Notes
    • ...anything you want?! (And is worth synchronizing...)

    With the cloud service provider of the choice of the USER.

    When you look at Chrome you're synchronizing everything with Google of course (If that's okay for the user, well ok.), in FireFox you're almost forced to use FireFox's sync ability. But I want to use the cloud provider I choose, the one I trust ... in this case my own nextcloud instance. 😛

    Bring such a feature and you'll be delivering not only the best browser experience, no, you would finally be delivering the only browser where the user can choose the way, and provider, he wants to synchronize whatever he wants over multiple instances/machines/operating-systems/etc. Finally Vivaldi would be the only browser to honor users synchronization privacy requests.

    Also provide mandatory/optional encryption for the synchronization, simple password protection and a strong encryption should be enough, of course for those people who set up their own next-/owncloud instances https should be required, but now I am drifting of to implementation details...

    Thanks in advance, from a real power user!

  • As far as I remember Vivaldi team members already mentioned that this might be a feature in a later version... I'd like it, too.

    For now, I'm happy if sync keeps working as well as it does (for a dev feature 😃 )

  • Moderator

    @morg42 self/cloud sync is definitely somewhere on the roadmap forward. It's just not known how far down the road yet...

  • @ayespy Hmm, so I made a duplicate, sorry 'bout that.

    Where's the original request so I can vote it up? 🙂

  • @qwc It's not a duplicate.

    There are several other threads about Sync, but not this specific request.

    Ayespy was just saying that it is planned (though not currently being worked on or he would have tagged this thread as PIPELINE)

  • @pesala Okay, good. So I'm looking forward to it some day in the hopefully not so far away future... 🙂


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