Option to Create Tab-stack by Ctrl-clicking or Middle-clicking on Links

  • While tab stacks are a great feature that I use every day, creating a new tab stack is a pain. If you already created a tab stack you can choose to have new tabs opened in the tab stack, but having the option to automatically create a tab stack when Ctrl- or middle-clicking links on a web page would make them easier to use. Currently I work around this by keeping a tab with the start page in the tab stack, but automatically created tab stacks would be a better solution. This shouldn't be on by default, but would be a great option to have.

    Keep up the great work Vivaldi Team, can't wait for sync to be release in a stable build. It's been working great for me in the Snapshot builds.

  • This would also be great for opening links on a website of the same domain.

    E.g. Opening a discussion thread from the forum as a separate tab would automatically create a tab stack.

    Also, include Cmd-clicking and Shift-clicking.

  • I'm still missing the possibility to switch between different tab stacks.

    e.g. - Let say you have 3 tab stacks and 5 open tabs. Now you can open one of the stacks (so the stack will be unstacked) and all 5 opened tabs will automaticly stacked. So you can switch between different topic-wise stacks.

    I would love to have that feature.

  • Moderator

    Ctrl+Click and Middle-Click are already used to open background tabs.

    Perhaps there is some other way to open links in a tab stack? Perhaps the Context Menu?


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