Opera-style Multi Window Interface and Tab Grouping

  • I liked the way Opera 12 had a in-window tab feature. You could put tabs into their own window, within the browser frame, move and resize them freely and even cascade or tile each window side by side.
    In Vivaldi, I know I can achieve something similar by dragging tabs out of the main window, but it creates an entire new browser window with all the tab and menu clutter included. So I'd like to see a tab mechanism similar to how Opera 12 did it, as an optional feature of course.

    Other than this, I can't complain at all. I love this browser and it's endless customization capabilities. And being able to use Chrome Extensions is a very welcome bonus.

    Thanks for the hard work, dev team and community!

  • Totally agree with your 2nd paragraph. But for info, you should avoid to write multiple feature request into one unique thread. It makes it harder for users to vote for what they are interested in.

    I suggest that you keep your first one, and remove the second one which is already reported here , and that you may upvote 😉

  • Thanks, will try and do so! First time posting here. ^^

  • Hey @silverwuff,

    Welcome to the community. As an old-time Opera user, I really miss that feature too. Vivaldi supports tiling of multiple windows, which is not the same but better than nothing. Select two or more tabs and select tile from the tab popup-menu.

    It has some nice uses and is even more space efficient than the old Opera multiple document interface, but continued browsing in the tiles is severely limited.


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